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Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers: Understanding Your Role in Curriculum Design and Implementation

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Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers: Understanding Your Role in Curriculum Design and Implementation

AUTHOR : By Henry Sauntson Edited by Emma Hollis

ISBN : 9781915080653

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 28, 2023

Extent : 120 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080660

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 28, 2023

Extent : 120 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080677

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 28, 2023

Extent : 120 pgs


This is a must-read for early career teachers (ECTs), focusing on the role of the ECT in terms of school curriculum design and implementation.

It explores the topics surrounding curriculum that those in training or ECT induction are likely to encounter and need to understand, and offers a range of practical and critical strategies and approaches to curriculum design. It begins with examining the history of the core ideas around curriculum, including educational philosophy and concepts, before moving  on to planning, reflection and principled intent and implementation. It also delves into the various roles of those involved in curriculum design.

This is an essential text for ECTs as curriculum is a key aspect of the Core Content and Early Career Frameworks. It draws on real-life enactments and models to help those in their early stages understand their role in curriculum implementation, especially in relation to the Ofsted focus on the quality of education and the role of all teachers as professionals. Most importantly, this book recognises curriculum as the beating heart of any strong educational offer.




Chapter 1: Introduction – what is curriculum? 

Chapter 2: The journey so far  

Chapter 3: Behind the terms 

Chapter 4: Principles of curriculum design 

Chapter 5: Curriculum intent - setting out the goals 

Chapter 6: Curriculum implementation 1 - curriculum enactment 

Chapter 7: Curriculum implementation 2 – classroom level 

Chapter 8: Curriculum implementation 3 – assessing the curriculum 

Chapter 9: Curriculum impact – what are the outcomes? 

Chapter 10: Evaluating the curriculum - next steps 

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Henry Sauntson gained his PGCE in English and media and has since worked in various roles in middle and senior leadership. He took over as Director of a SCITT in the East of England after working with them as a lead mentor and has dedicated himself to raising the profile and quality of initial teacher education in his region and across wider networks. Henry believes in the power of high-quality teacher education and recognises the impact effective teachers can have on educational outcomes for students.  

Emma Hollis' absolute passion is teacher education. After gaining a First Class degree in Psychology and training as a primary teacher, she became Head of initial teacher education for a SCITT provider in Milton Keynes. She sees teacher education as a continuum and, whilst her heart will always be very close to the initial stages of a teacher’s development, she is also dedicated to ensuring teachers are given access to high quality professional development throughout their careers.  Emma took up the role of Executive Director Designate of NASBTT in April 2017 and has been in the post of Executive Director since September 2017.

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"Curriculum is at the heart of much debate around education - and yet these discussions often lack clarity and can leave teachers new to the profession wondering what exactly they should know about curriculum design and delivery. This guide provides a much-needed overview of key principles, research and practice, clearly explained whilst delving into complex ideas. The practical and reflective tasks promote deep thinking and action - the perfect introduction to curriculum for early career teachers… and those not so early in their career!"

Cat Scutt MBE Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chartered College of Teaching.
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