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Advising on School Improvement

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Advising on School Improvement

AUTHOR : By Association of Education Advisers

ISBN : 9781916925403

Edition No : 1

Publication : Oct 15, 2024

Extent : 176 pgs

ISBN : 9781916925410

Edition No : 1

Publication : Oct 15, 2024

Extent : 176 pgs

ISBN : 9781916925427

Edition No : 1

Publication : Oct 15, 2024

Extent : 176 pgs


Theoretical and practical exemplification of the education adviser's skills, knowledge and understanding in relation to school improvement.

This is the second book in The Education Adviser series which fully aligns with the AoEA accreditation and focuses on school improvement, supporting the professional learning of education advisers.

The education system has undergone significant change recently, giving education advisers a huge part to play, especially around school improvement. Divided into three parts – context and causality, building capacity, and collaborative school improvement – providing a thorough exploration of school improvement strategies. The range of contributions – from MAT leaders, headteachers, system leaders, key influencers and education advisers – showcases diverse perspectives and approaches and provides critically reflective opportunities.

This book delves into the following topics and more:

  • understanding a school’s improvement within a wider context,
  • advising on curriculum, and pedagogy,
  • supporting new head teachers in identifying priorities,
  • building capacity to create and sustain an inclusive school culture,
  • system-wide collaboration.

Perfect for new or prospective education advisers, it will help school leaders fully understand the complexities of school improvement and how to apply this knowledge in practice.


Series Overview


1. Introduction to the AoEA and the purpose of the book series - Les Walton

Book Overview

2. Introduction to book 2: Advising on school improvement: skills and approaches - Dr Tony Birch

Part 1: Understanding context and causality

3. The big picture: understanding a school’s improvement within a wider context - Les Walton, CBE

4. Understanding, identifying and addressing causal factors which impact on a school’s improvement - Tom Grieveson

5. Advising on curriculum and pedagogy - Kevan Naughton

6. Supporting new head teachers in identifying their priorities - Stuart Adlam

7. Supporting the specific needs of Irish Medium Education and engaging a whole sector - Mairéad Mhig Uaid

Part 2: Building capacity in school improvement

8. Unleashing greatness – the role of the adviser in building capacity - Professor David Hopkins

9. Seeing the school through the headteacher’s eyes; unlocking and strengthening the capacity for sustainable improvement at school level and for a system of schools - Ian Lane

10. Enabling middle leaders and supporting their development so that they make a difference - Emma Tarrant

11. Building capacity to create and sustain an inclusive school culture - Roisin Darcy

12. Marginal gains: school improvement approaches that build on success - Rebecca Jackson

13. Building capacity through a community of schools in the context of a Multi-Academy Trust - Narinder Gill

14. Creating and leading effective collaboration across the Nursery sector in Northern Ireland - Clare Evans

15. Capacity building through a strategic, well-prioritised school improvement plan - Peter Parish

Part 3: Supporting collaborative school improvement

16. The role of advisers in promoting equity within education systems - Professor Mel Ainscow

17. Harnessing collective capacity: using expertise within and across schools - Lisa Bradbury

18. Building a professional learning community to support the development of new teachers Michaela Barber

19. System wide collaboration – the challenge partners approach - Dr Kate Chhatwal

20. Schools North East – a case study in regional collaboration - Chris Zaragga


Reflection on the book overall - Tony Birch and Ian Lane


The vision of the AoEA is that every school, college and education provider has access to high-quality support, advice and challenge, which is independent and focused on improving outcomes for children, schools and their communities. They provide an accredited quality standard, offer continuous professional development, and have created a collaborative community for their members.

Publication Overview

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