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Coaching in the Classroom

Coaching in the Classroom

Bringing out the best in learners

AUTHOR : By Mark Jamieson and Rachel Wood

ISBN : 9781915713698

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 22, 2024

Extent : 310 pgs

ISBN : 9781915713704

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 22, 2024

Extent : 310 pgs

ISBN : 9781915713711

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 22, 2024

Extent : 310 pgs


A thought-provoking and engaging guide to coaching in an educational setting, demonstrating how to coach young people in the classroom and how to embed a coaching culture in schools.

Aimed at teachers, school leaders and aspiring educators, Coaching in the Classroom reimagines the relationship between leadership coaching and education to maximise students' achievements and well-being. Drawing on the author’s experience and backed by rigorous research and theoretical underpinning, this book widens the scope of coaching in education. It’s no longer just about staff development but also about teachers working with young people.

Based on a unique understanding of learning as a choice driven by curiosity, ambition and aspiration, the reader is guided how to integrate coaching and other innovative learning approaches such as team-based learning into an educational setting. Evidence is offered of the positive effect of coaching as a companion to conventional learning;

  • enhancing academic achievement
  • enriching the student experience
  • nurturing high achievers
  • inspiring moderate performers with high potential, and
  • re-engaging those who may be currently outside the academic mainstream.

Well-crafted case studies help to promote critical thinking by inviting the reader to become involved, practically and intellectually in the application of new ideas and the conceptualisation of learning. These case studies illustrate the impact of coaching working in concert with pedagogical theories, to increase engagement, attendance, inclusion, and attainment as well as harnessing the hidden potential of future workers.


Part 1: Coaching in an educational setting

Chapter 1: The relationship between coaching and education 

Chapter 2: Coaching as an accompaniment to learning

Chapter 3: New dimensions to learning 

Part 2: How to coach young people in schools 

Chapter 4:  Who gets coached

Chapter 5: Team-Based Coaching

Chapter 6: Coaching young leaders: what next?

Chapter 7: The impact of coaching 

Chapter 8: Psychological impact 

Part 3: How to embed a coaching culture in schools 

Chapter 9: Making space for coaching

Chapter 10: What the future holds – how far can coaching in schools go?


Mark Jamieson is an award-winning coach specialising in youth leadership and is the author of Coaching Young People for Leadership.  He is the founder of the GreenWing Project which has been taking pioneering coaching programmes into schools and youth organisations since 2018.

Rachel Wood is a coach, expert educational practitioner, and researcher specialising in Team-Based Learning, creativity and inclusion.  She has 20 years' experience of working in education and development across all sectors and age groups. 

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“I love how this book fuses coaching with youth leadership – Jamieson and Wood really foreground their ambition which values lifelong commitment to creativity, society, leadership, industry, technology and well-being – or what they call new dimensions of learning."

Professor Tony Wall Liverpool John Moores University UK, Stockholm University, Sweden

"Coaching in education is an emergent approach to improving learning in all settings. In 'Coaching in the Classroom: Bringing out the best in learners,' Mark Jamieson and Rachel Wood provide the rationale for such an opportunity, followed by detailed analysis of the coaching process, concluding with the all important evidence gathering. This text is a must read for all educators ready to move beyond instructional learning to coaching relationships that underpin higher levels of success in the classroom."

Emeritus Professor, Sonia Blandford
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