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Understanding Neuroplasticity and Neurodiversity in the Classroom

Understanding Neuroplasticity and Neurodiversity in the Classroom

A Handbook for SENCos and Teachers

AUTHOR : Edited by Anita Devi and Sue Jagger

ISBN : 9781915713995

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jan 6, 2025

Extent : 128 pgs

ISBN : 9781916925007

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jan 6, 2025

Extent : 128 pgs

ISBN : 9781916925014

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jan 6, 2025

Extent : 128 pgs


A unique and innovative book for all teachers and SENCos that explores the intersection of neurodiversity and neuroplasticity in order to provide better outcomes for neurodivergent pupils.

Neurodiversity involves an understanding that neurological differences should be honoured and respected. It is a strengths-based model based on the idea that people experience and interact with the world around them in many different ways, advocating that there is no single right way of thinking, learning, and behaving. In effect, neurodiversity can be used as a construct to understand those ‘labelled’ with a special educational need and disability. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change and adapt in response to experiences, especially important for children who struggle to learn.

This book unravels how teachers can contribute to rewiring neural pathways to reshape as opposed to ‘fix’, demonstrating how making new connections in the brain enables pupils to realise their full potential. Rich with research, case studies, and thought-provoking questions, this book sheds light on an innovative and timely topic.

As the demand for teacher support in this area grows, it helps practitioners identify alternative approaches for those who might need more personalised learning and teaching in the classroom.



Chapter 1: The basics - ABC, Anita Devi

Chapter 2: Abandonment or acceptance (be at peace with your strengths), Mark Stibbe

Chapter 3: Rejection or rewiring, Anita Devi and Sue Jagger

Chapter 4: Learning or labels, Sarah Moseley

Chapter 5: Disability or determination, Amanda Kirby

Chapter 6: Helplessness or hope, Sue Jagger

Chapter 7: Sensitivity or self-awareness, Anita Devi

Epilogue: Inclusion is a story, Anita Devi


Anita Devi is a former SENCo, senior leader, school improvement advisor and local authority SEND advisory teacher. She has a wealth of experience in developing leaders of learning, and her own teaching career spans early years to postgraduate education both in the UK and overseas. In 2017 she was awarded the prestigious international Influential Educational Leaders Award for her contribution to the SEND workforce pipeline strategy which supports the development of professionals from initial teacher training to advanced and experienced SENCos. Anita has contributed to several publications, was awarded her PhD thesis on the career trajectory of a SENCo in 2022, and is currently a Changemaker Education Consultant & Founding CEO of #TeamADL and #365send. Find out more about Anita at

Sue Jagger is a former literacy consultant, Primary Deputy Head, and Secondary Assistant Head. She is currently a Head of English and literacy co-ordinator at a large secondary school. As a literacy consultant and link tutor for a SCITT, Sue has had the privilege of working alongside teachers to develop and share effective pedagogy. After 26 years in the classroom, Sue still believes in the excitement of learning and thoroughly enjoys teaching. 

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Your Reviews on this book

“Offers the promise of personal stories and strategies. It takes away from the medical model approach of ‘fixing’ a child and places the focus on acceptance and explanation.”

Karen Watson, SEN Teacher and Author

“The most up-to-date book on the subject and brings together a lot of information all in one place you would otherwise have to search for..."

“...Full of relevance for struggling students with SEND or emotional issues”

Victor Allen, Education Consultant and Author
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