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Being a School Governor in England

Tags: Education, Teacher Educators

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Being a School Governor in England

All You Need to Know

AUTHOR : By Mary Briggs

ISBN : 9781915080929

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jun 1, 2023

Extent : 192 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080936

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jun 1, 2023

Extent : 192 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080943

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jun 1, 2023

Extent : 192 pgs


An essential book for all existing and aspiring school governors in England which tells you everything you need to know about the role. Across primary and secondary, each of the roles within the governing body are fully outlined including teacher, parent, community and foundation school governors.

It explores the responsibilities of school governors and covers all different types of schools including multi-academy trusts. Meetings, safeguarding and governor's roles in monitoring are discussed, and much more.

Using case studies to illustrate how governors work within schools, each chapter also outlines the key issues through discussion points, checklists and suggested activities to use with small working groups, committees or full boards. With the author's own extensive experience of being a governor at both primary and secondary level, the reader can be assured that they are receiving excellent advice and will be fully prepared to take up their governor role.


Chapter 1. What is governance? An introduction

Chapter 2. School governors

(Executive head/headteacher/head of school

Teacher/non-teaching representative)

Chapter 3. External governors

(Parent Community Foundation Co-opted)

Chapter 4. Governor’s roles (Chair Sub committees chair Safeguarding SEND Subject or other area focused roles Complaints and appeals Involvement in recruitment of staff)

Chapter 5. Governors’ meetings

Chapter 6. Governors’ roles in monitoring

Chapter 7. School governors and controlling bodies (LA, Academies, MATs)

Chapter 8. Governance and Inspections (SIAMS and general)

Chapter 9. Glossary of terms

Chapter 10. Further support- training, mentoring, governor conferences

11 Index


Mary Briggs is a principal lecturer and programme lead for primary and early years ITE at Oxford Brookes University.  She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Chartered Teacher of Mathematics. She teaches on a wide range of different education courses and has published widely in the educational field. Her specific research interests are in mathematics education, leadership, assessment and mentoring and coaching. She has worked in a wide range of settings including children’s homes, special, primary school and universities.

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