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An Ambitious Secondary School Curriculum

Tags: Education, Secondary, Teaching & Learning

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An Ambitious Secondary School Curriculum

AUTHOR : By Jonathan Glazzard and Michael Green

ISBN : 9781913453213

Edition No : 1

Publication : Nov 4, 2022

Extent : 308 pgs

ISBN : 9781913453237

Edition No : 1

Publication : Nov 4, 2022

Extent : 308 pgs

ISBN : 9781913453244

Edition No : 1

Publication : Nov 4, 2022

Extent : 308 pgs


Comprehensive guidance to support those involved in secondary education in developing the curriculum to meet the requirements of the new Ofsted (2019) framework.

This book addresses key issues such as the purpose of the curriculum, how to organise the curriculum, curriculum design, how to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of all learners, and the balance between knowledge and skills. An important and topical chapter on decolonising the curriculum is also included. It goes beyond basic requirements, emphasizing the importance of a creative, pupil-centred and enquiry-based curriculum which is suited to the context of school communities. Responding to the increased emphasis on the quality of pupils’ education, the book supports trainees, teachers and school leaders in developing and implementing an ambitious and diverse curriculum, including working with all stakeholders and offering practical strategies and solutions. It empowers practitioners to reclaim the curriculum by designing one which reflects the values and context of the school.


  1. An ambitious curriculum for the 21st Century
  2. Addressing disadvantage through the curriculum
  3. Decolonising the curriculum
  4. Substantive and disciplinary knowledge
  5. Building cultural capital in the curriculum
  6. Curriculum design
  7. Teaching the curriculum
  8. Adapting the curriculum
  9. The curriculum as a progression model
  10. Leading the curriculum
  11. Developing a mental health curriculum
  12. Relationships and sex education
  13. Health education in the secondary curriculum
  14. Innovation within the curriculum  
  15. The role of subject communities
  16. The academic and technical curriculum


Jonathan Glazzard is Professor of Teacher Education and Head of Department of Primary and Childhood Education at Edge Hill University. Jonathan is a co-convenor of the British Educational Research Association (BERA) Special Interest Group Mental Health and Wellbeing in Education and a member of Excellence in International Transitions Research. He is deeply committed to research-informed teaching and research which advances social justice and improves the lives of individuals.

Michael Green is an experienced educational professional and leader, driven by a commitment to improving the life chances of children and young people. He is was until recently one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors. Before working for Ofsted, he gained extensive and wide-ranging middle and senior leadership experience in a range of educational settings and roles. These included leading initial teacher education in higher education, working as a government advisor, undertaking international advisory work and holding senior leadership positions within primary schools. he has also worked as a governor and has previously held several trustee positions. His areas of expertise include primary education, initial teacher education, policy development, English, advising on teacher workload and learning outside the classroom.

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Your Reviews on this book

"This thorough exploration of the secondary school curriculum draws heavily on the latest Ofsted framework to support colleagues in designing and reviewing the impact of their school on pupils' capacity to fully flourish.  Each chapter introduces key areas of learning, provides case study material, is evidence-informed and offers questions to the reader that seek to build reflection and to encourage deep thinking.  Highly recommended."

Dame Alison Peacock Chief Executive, Chartered College of Teaching

“…We live in a diverse world with differing and multiple needs of our student communities, which as educators, we must accommodate. Refreshingly, each chapter provides pragmatic and an evidence-based approach to what works, whilst also deconstructing some the pervasive myths about secondary curriculum, such as the decoupling of skills and knowledge.

After reading this book, it leaves me feeling more ambitious about the future of the secondary curriculum."

Adam Tate Senior Lecturer in Academic Practice, Nottingham Trent University
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