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A Practical Guide to Classroom Research

A Practical Guide to Classroom Research

AUTHOR : By Clive Millar

ISBN : 9781911106364

Edition No : 1

Publication : Sep 6, 2016

Extent : 128 pgs

ISBN : 9781911106371

Edition No : 1

Publication : Sep 6, 2016

Extent : 128 pgs


This concise and accessible book is a practical guide to qualitative classroom research, including extended case-studies of real research projects which serve as concrete examples of the advice provided.  It gives a step by step account of how qualitative classroom research can be carried out and completed, with clear sets of guidelines for each stage and key points for consideration highlighted throughout.  It can be read as a comprehensive guide to the research process, from beginning to end or as a resource to dip into to answer specific problems or queries.

It is aimed at all college, university or school-based education students. In addition it is highly suitable for qualified teachers responding to the drive for greater evidence-based teaching in classrooms.   



  1. Becoming a researcher
  2. A research report format: having a destination and a route
  3. Where to start: with theory or practice?
  4. Asking the research question
  5. Putting the research question to work: part 1 - developing observation guides
  6. Putting the research question to work: part 2 - developing interview guides
  7. Writing the research plan
  8. Reviewing the research process
  9. Organising the research data
  10. Analysing the data
  11. Evaluating the research report


Appendix 1: A format for structuring the research report

Appendix 2:  Why research in real time matters

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Clive Millar taught English at high schools in Cape Town and in rural Scotland. He became a lecturer at Aberdeen College of Education and at the University of Cape Town, Professor of Education at the University of Fort Hare, and Professor of Adult Education and Director of Extra-mural Studies at the University of Cape Town until his early retirement in 1998. He was invited to introduce a course in classroom research at the Centre for Creative Education in Cape Town and has enjoyed doing this for the last ten years. 

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Your Reviews on this book

Its accessibility, lucidity and brevity are real strengths, as so many titles in the field of doing classroom research, though often very good, are frankly way too detailed and arcane for the needs of busy classroom practitioners – they need the essential basics, framed simply but not simplistically. I think Clive manages this so well – he’s always written with such spare beauty. 

Barry Hymer

If I was back at university or doing classroom research again, this is a book I would welcome in my collection. It gives a good understanding of the purpose of research, both qualitative and quantitative, and who benefits. There are excellent links to inquiry and reading around the topics.  I found it an easy read and not too long - just under 100 pages - making it very easy to dip in and out of as appropriate.  There were useful examples linked to the content and drawn from actual research projects so carrying validity in the eye of the reader. This allows the reader to identify where they are and the best way forward in terms of research.

The summary of key points at the end of chapters was helpful and made easy reference points to go back to.  Overall, a very well-structured book.

David Maynard, previously Director of The Cambridge Partnership
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