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A Complete Guide to the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

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A Complete Guide to the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

AUTHOR : By Lynn Machin, Duncan Hindmarch, Sandra Murray and Tina Richardson

ISBN : 9781915080776

Edition No : 4

Publication : Jan 16, 2023

Extent : 288 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080783

Edition No : 4

Publication : Jan 16, 2023

Extent : 288 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080790

Edition No : 4

Publication : Jan 16, 2023

Extent : 288 pgs


A new, fourth edition of the essential text for all those working towards the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training.

This new edition takes into account the refreshed ETF standards while still incorporating key information on reflective practice, study and research skills, and providing full coverage of all mandatory units. Accessible language is combined with a critical approach that clearly relates practical examples to the required underpinning theory. This fourth edition:

  • includes a new end of chapter feature to develop evidence-informed practice
  • recognises the need to provide better support and guidance to learners around gender, sexuality, racism, mental health and well-being
  • supports the revolution in online practices and its implications for hybrid work and learning patterns
  • reflects the escalating importance of the sustainability agenda and the need to decolonisthe curriculum 
  • considers apprenticeships and new Ofsted foci and terminology
  • is suitable for use with all awarding organisations and HEIs 
  • provides the depth and criticality to meet level 5 requirements. 



  1. Reflecting on, evaluating and improving your practice
  2. Roles, responsibilities and professional relationships in education and training
  3. Inclusive learning and managing behaviour in the classroom
  4. You and your learners' mental and emotional well-being
  5. Assessment principles, practices and processes
  6. Communication  
  7. Planning for teaching, learning and assessment
  8. The practice of teaching
  9. Technology enhanced teaching and learning
  10. Curriculum development and evaluation
  11. Wider professional practice
  12. Research and scholarship  
  13. Study skills



Lynn Machin is Award Leader and Senior Lecturer within the School of Education at Staffordshire University.  She has over 20 years’ experience of teaching in post-14 education.  Lynn has had a variety of roles within initial teacher education (ITE) including developing and writing the modules that make up the suite of qualifications within ITE in the FE and Skills Sector.  

Duncan Hindmarch is Award Leader for Lifelong Learning Teacher Training and the Foundation Degree in Education at Staffordshire University.  He has over 15 years' teaching experience, having worked overseas and in the UK.  With a background in Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages, he has been involved in developing and delivering ESOL and Initial Teacher Training programmes since 2005.

Sandra Murray is a Curriculum Leader and Advanced Practitioner in the Department of Teacher Training at Newcastle-under-Lyme College.  She has a wide range of experience supporting and teaching teachers in the lifelong learning sector and has been teaching on Initial Teacher Education programmes since 2005. 

Tina Richardson is an Award Leader and Manager of the Lifelong Learning Development Centre within the School of Education at Staffordshire University.  She has worked in compulsory, further and higher education, with the last 15 years focusing on Adult Literacy, Language and Numeracy and teacher education for the FE and Skills Sector.  Tina has worked on a consultancy basis for a number of organisations such as LSIS, SVUK and CfBT.  

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Your Reviews on this book

"For anyone embarking on a Level 5 Diploma in one of the wide range of contexts the FE sector encompasses, this text provides the foundations to support you, and lives up to the title of ‘A Complete Guide’. The text, which is aligned to the 2022 EFT Standards and maps to the Apprenticeship Standards, opens with key definitions followed by a comprehensive overview of the constantly evolving  sector. 

A visually appealing design includes key diagrams, key definitions, case studies, critical questions, and checks on understanding at the end of each chapter, along with references for each section..."

Karen McGrath, Associate Professor Head of Department Secondary and PCET, Birmingham City University

"...a very comprehensive overview of the skills, competencies and qualifications required to work in the FE sector, fully updated to reflect the new professional standards, changes in Ofsted requirements and the new minimum core as applied to trainees following the programme of study. The text holds the reader’s hand and guides them through a range of topics, including learner well-being, critical thinking, inclusive practice, research and scholarly activity not to mention the underpinning principles of teaching practice, assessment and curriculum.

A well written, thought provoking and informative text for anyone undertaking teacher training in the FE and Skills sector."

Dr Lynn Senior Director Education and Training Consortium, University of Huddersfield
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