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TEACHER Coaching

TEACHER Coaching

AUTHOR : By Kirsty Stokes

ISBN : 9781915713780

Edition No : 1

Publication : Feb 5, 2024

Extent : 188 pgs

ISBN : 9781915713797

Edition No : 1

Publication : Feb 5, 2024

Extent : 188 pgs

ISBN : 9781915713803

Edition No : 1

Publication : Feb 5, 2024

Extent : 188 pgs


The only book you need to understand the who, what, why and how of coaching in schools, with relevance for all teachers whatever their age phase or setting.

Coaching is becoming an increasingly hot topic in education, with ideas and principles from sport and business coaching producing successful outcomes for teachers and trainees. This book looks at how coaching works within a school setting and how it can be applied in practice. It discusses a new TEACHER coaching model to develop a coaching culture that improves both teaching and learning, resulting in increased staff happiness and ultimately better support and outcomes for pupils. Packed with research on coaching, happiness and mindset, it focuses on simple lessons for teachers who have limited coaching knowledge as well as information for more experienced teacher-coaches. Reflective exercises are included throughout to encourage a deeper understanding of the relationship between coaching and education.



1: Coaching, what is it? 

2: A brief history of coaching 

3: The case for coaching in schools 

4: The TEACHER coaching model

5: Implementing a coaching culture

6: Being a coach 

A final note on TEACHER coaching 


Kirsty Stokes is a teacher, coach, and sports coach, and has been involved in education since 1995, when coaching was in its infancy. She has been teaching for over 20 years, in nine schools across the entire age range and in both public and private sectors, incorporating coaching techniques and leading on the development of coaching in staff appraisals. She is currently Director of Studies at a preparatory school.


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Kirsty Stokes has produced a well-researched and thoughtful book – but most of all one that is accessible and practical...With considerable knowledge Kirsty explains just what it is about coaching, and in particular its application to the teaching community, that is important.

Having heard Kirsty speak on coaching I know that her work is compelling and we should all be enthused to take the ideas in this book forwards – for ourselves, colleagues and the children we work with...As Kirsty highlights, coaching has a transformative power which goes far beyond the confines of the classroom, and I absolutely recommend you to look to implement the ideas she discusses – and crucially to reflect on so many powerful ideas and tools.

James Barnes General Secretary, Learning Skills Trust
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