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The Higher Education Personal Tutor’s and Advisor’s Companion

The Higher Education Personal Tutor’s and Advisor’s Companion

Translating Theory into Practice to Improve Student Success

AUTHOR : Edited by Dave Lochtie, Andrew Stork and Ben W Walker

ISBN : 9781913453459

Edition No : 1

Publication : Mar 1, 2022

Extent : 204 pgs

ISBN : 9781913453473

Edition No : 1

Publication : Mar 1, 2022

Extent : 204 pgs

ISBN : 9781913453466

Edition No : 1

Publication : Mar 1, 2022

Extent : 204 pgs

ISBN : 9781913453480

Edition No : 1

Publication : Mar 1, 2022

Extent : 204 pgs


Professional learning and development for higher education personal tutors and academic advisors.

With contributions from 50 practitioners from across the sector, this text examines the key themes, theories and concepts relevant to personal tutors and academic advisors and translates these into real-world practice. Case study narratives from a range of settings demonstrate how student learning and outcomes can be improved, and related critical thinking activities encourage reflection on how these learnings can be applied in specific contexts. The book provides invaluable insights and support for all personal tutors and academic advisors, enabling practitioners to learn from each other, develop innovative ideas, and feel part of a community of learning.

Please also see Effective Personal Tutoring in Higher Education for the themes on which the case studies in this collection are based.




Case study 1 Supporting student employability through integrated research exposure and a curriculum- embedded skills module 

Case study 2 The power of future planning: empowering personal tutors to have effective careers and employability conversations 

Case study 3 A data- focused approach to personalising central support programmes and complementing personal tutoring 

Case study 4 Making belonging explicit by design 

Case study 5 Dissonant discourses: constructing a consistent personal tutoring experience across the whole university


Case study 6 The ‘anatomy’ of a solutions- focused coaching conversation in personal academic tutoring 

Case study 7 Developing an effective institutional personal tutoring and development framework to support student success 

Case study 8 How a student and staff partnership informed the co-creation of an online professional development course for personal tutors 

Case study 9 ‘Talking the talk and walking the walk’ of personal tutoring: using structured continuing professional development opportunities to inform, develop and empower personal tutors 

Case study 10 Refreshing the academic advising system through co-creation and consensus development 

Case study 11 Ask PAT: how the introduction and implementation of an e-portfolio approach transformed the nature of student support and development 

Case study 12 Personal tutoring for ‘vulnerable’ and ‘at risk’ students: is there value in a differentiated approach? 

Case study 13 Supporting Arts and Humanities student development and progression through integrating reflection into personal tutoring 

Case study 14 A ‘whole of institution’ approach: what does a culture of advising and tutoring really involve?


Case study 15 Levelling up: from reactive to proactive – shifting the narrative of academic tutoring from problems to solutions 

Case study 16 What do the students think? Evaluating academic advising across an institution using the Listening Rooms method 

Case study 17 A framework for personal tutoring: system and activity 

Case study 18 Using Social Identity Mapping in personal tutorials to aid students in their transition and social integration into and throughout higher education

Case study 19 Personal tutoring as a USP: what happens when personal tutoring is made a priority? 

Case study 20 Professional large group mentoring as an alternative to the ‘traditional’ personal tutoring system 

Case study 21 Moving from distributed to centralised academic advising: making the case for change 

Case study 22 Exploring the values of personal tutoring via a level 7 academic practice module 

Case study 23 Student success coaching: developing a model that works to enhance personal tutoring and student success 

Case study 24 Introducing group personal tutoring to improve student engagement


Case study 25 The Hero, The Professional and The Nurturer: the challenge for personal tutoring to negotiate identities within systems of practice in higher education


Dave Lochtie is the Operations Manager for the Personal Learning Advisory Service at the Open University which provides targeted one-to-one support for students identified in the institution’s Access and Participation Plan. He is Chair of the UK Advising and Tutoring association (UKAT) which supports personal tutors and academic advisors across the UK, as well as Co-chair of the Association for Peer Learning and Support which promotes best practice in student-led learning. He is a qualified teacher and co-author of Effective Personal Tutoring in Higher Education. He has worked in student services management roles at the universities of Derby and New Orleans as well as serving as a Director, Trustee and Governor of the University of Roehampton and Bournemouth University Students’ Union.

Andrew Stork is a University Teacher and Programme Director for the Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education at the University of Sheffield. He is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has presented at national and international conferences on personal tutoring. He has experience of a wide range of educational sectors and contexts, and has taught on and led postgraduate education programmes across a range of sectors. Previously, he was cross-institutional quality lead for personal tutoring and student experience, and has held a broad range of curriculum leadership, quality, teaching enhancement and staff development positions. Find out more about Andrew's work at

Ben W Walker is a senior lecturer in Educational Development at Oxford Brookes University where he supports colleagues to gain fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, delivers staff development and undertakes educational research projects. In previous roles at the University of Lincoln, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Derby, he supported a wide range of trainee teachers and existing practitioners. He was  programme leader of the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and has been an invited keynote speaker at national and international conferences. As co-author of books and journal articles on personal tutoring, he is at the forefront of professional development and research in this field and committed to developing it further. Find out more about Ben at


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Your Reviews on this book

"This book is the perfect companion to its predecessor ‘Effective Personal Tutoring in Higher Education’. Moving from tutoring theory to case study based examples provides a rich set of examples for new and experienced personal tutors. The companion is accessible for practitioners and for those developing personal tutoring frameworks. As an acting personal tutor and academic lead for developing personal tutoring systems, I have found this book has supported the development of my practice and in opening discussions with colleagues around coaching and tutoring. I would recommend this book to anyone involved in tutoring in higher education."

Dr Lisa Simmons Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

"Building on their 2018 guide to personal tutoring, Lochtie et al  (2022) provides 25 case studies illustrating how to translate theory into practice. A “themes” table enables the reader to navigate the wealth of material, and also to make connections to the relevant sections of the companion text. The valuable case studies are diverse in terms of writers, institutions and topics, and each one ends with critical reflections to move the reader on in their professional practice.

Once again, this is an excellent text which would be of great value to all involved in supporting students directly or organising and managing such support."

Kathryn McFarlane Independent Consultant
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