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Creative Pedagogy

Creative Pedagogy

A Handbook for HE Professionals

AUTHOR : By Martin Glynn

ISBN : 9781915713575

Edition No : 1

Publication : Oct 16, 2023

Extent : 134 pgs

ISBN : 9781915713582

Edition No : 1

Publication : Oct 16, 2023

Extent : 134 pgs

ISBN : 9781915713599

Edition No : 1

Publication : Oct 16, 2023

Extent : 134 pgs


The ultimate toolkit for lecturers and practitioners in higher education aimed at developing creative pedagogy that will inspire and empower students.

It demonstrates how creative teaching and learning methods can engage students and encourage them to be reflective and mindful, as well as enhancing their potential to build social and cultural capital, increase their employability prospects, social mobility and civic participation.

It recognises that traditional teaching methods do not work for all learners and embraces contemporary ideas, innovative strategies and new technologies that can provide appropriate and accessible learning for students, enabling HE lecturers to challenge the status quo and expand their creative teaching skillset. Learning can become a co-construction between the lecturer and students with outcomes of increased retention in the classroom, more engagement in the learning, and more fun. This could be the start of doing things not only differently but more effectively.


Introduction: Setting the context        

  1. Forming groups  
  2. Culturally responsive practice          
  3. Bricolage and creative teaching  
  4. Presentation literacy                                          
  5. Exercises            
  6. Self concept building            
  7. Storytelling            
  8. Theatrics           
  9. So, you want to perform data?                   
  10. Using comedy                   
  11. Digital Storytelling and photo essays                      
  12. Generating Creative Ideas


Martin Glynn is a criminologist and Winston Churchill Fellow with over 40 years’ experience of working in criminal justice, public health, and educational settings. He is currently a lecturer in criminology at Birmingham City University and received a lifetime achievement award from the Multicultural Business and Community Champions (MBCC) in 2022. In addition, Martin has written for theatre, television and radio drama, and has undertaken children’s writing and data storytelling. He is the founder of Algorhythm Data Storytelling Lab. 


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Your Reviews on this book

This book brings wisdom from historical voices, familiar fables and bricolage to construct fresh insights to challenge educators in creating imaginative and engaging learning practice with their students.

Dr Glynn’s passion for encouraging agency within his audiences through authenticity, compassion and the stirring of souls will be his enduring legacy. This book builds on his previous work and offers practical and inspiring ways to make that happen.

Vanessa Clarke, Teaching Fellow, Aston Business School

If you are an academic in higher education and have a real passion for creative and exciting ways to enhance the learning experience of a diverse range of students, who come from different cultures and backgrounds, and who can sometimes feel excluded and marginalised, then this practical teaching guide is for you.

In this handbook, Dr Martin Glynn offers tools for successful teaching, and identifies ten key guiding principles which form the foundation for the ‘creative educator’ to consider when seeking new and innovative ways to approach teaching and learning. Not only did I find it informative, but also easy to navigate with excellent thought-provoking case studies and exercises on how to reflect on my own teaching practice.

Cleveland Thompson, Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead in Social and Community Studies, University of Derby

Martin Glynn's 'Creative Pedagogy: A Handbook for HE Professionals' is a transformative read that challenges us to rethink the pedagogical space. Drawing on powerful analogies from literature and mythology, Glynn turns the classroom into a 'space full of wonder and excitement.'

In a world often plagued by the 'evils' of traditional, uninspired teaching methods, this book serves as our Pandora's box of educational delights. It's not just a handbook; it's a call to unleash the creative educator within us all. A must-read for anyone in higher education looking to turn the tide. 

Craig Pinkney, Chief Executive Officer SOLVE

Martin Glynn has over 40 years' experience of teaching in Higher Education and working across the arts and criminology. This dynamic book condenses many of his insights into a punchy and concise account of creative pedagogy. A great book for teachers and practitioners seeking to enhance the quality and impact of their work with students today.

Professor James Thompson, Manchester University

This is an inspiring and passionate rally cry for creative and empowering pedagogy within higher education. Martin’s accessible writing style makes this book feel like a supportive friend who urges us to take risks and break out of the constraints of traditional approaches.

The book retains an intersectional focus throughout and has important suggestions to create culturally responsive learning communities that respects student’s rich lived experiences. It takes a pragmatic approach and is packed with tips, icebreakers, and exercises to support teaching. I am sure I will return to this book again and again

Dr Jade Levell, Senior Lecturer in Social and Public Policy, University of Bristol

In this very personal offering, Martin Glynn shares his experiences and techniques garnered through a long career including teaching, writing and performing in a variety of environments. He asks the question “Who will run alongside me?” (p.4). This book is different from the traditional texts on learning and teaching. It feels like the author is sharing what worked for him in a straightforward manner and offering it to you as someone who is “running alongside”....

...Through the subsequent twelve chapters, he shares ideas and techniques which might liberate the classroom and introduce at least a modicum of wonder into the space....

Kathryn Macfarlane, review in Innovative Practice in Higher Education
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