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Are you embarking on a new career in secondary education, or maybe you want to enhance your teaching skills or further your career in a leadership role? 

Our selection of texts tailored for trainee, teacher and teacher educators at secondary cover a vast selection of subjects from anxious learners to the secondary school curriculum. All provided with a range of research, case studies and critical reflections.


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Effective Teaching for Anxious Learners

Seen, Safe and Supported

This book provides teachers with a window into the minds of learners with anxiety, as well as practical strategies and advice that will empower them to adapt their practice to better meet the needs of these learners.  

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The Best Outcomes for Young People

Lessons from a PRU Headteacher

Practical ways for Pupil Referral Units, APs and mainstream schools to work in partnership to secure the best outcomes for students. 

Creating a Trauma-informed Classroom

Shows teachers how to build trust and improve learning outcomes for those children and young people affected by trauma.

A Whole School Approach to Mental Health and Well-being

Targeted strategies for developing a whole school approach to mental health provision, emphasising the importance of creating a whole school culture which promotes a positive attitude towards mental health. Now completely revised to be relevant for a post-pandemic world.