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Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers: Workload

Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers: Workload

Taking Ownership of your Teaching

AUTHOR : By Julie Greer Edited by Emma Hollis

ISBN : 9781913453411

Edition No : 1

Publication : Nov 12, 2020

Extent : 120 pgs

ISBN : 9781913453428

Edition No : 1

Publication : Nov 12, 2020

Extent : 120 pgs

ISBN : 9781913453435

Edition No : 1

Publication : Nov 12, 2020

Extent : 120 pgs

ISBN : 9781913453442

Edition No : 1

Publication : Nov 12, 2020

Extent : 120 pgs


Linked to the Early Career Framework, this book provides practical time management and productivity strategies to help new teachers tackle the issue of workload.

Workload is a key issue for most beginning teachers. Trying to cope with all the demands of a new job with an increasing burden of administration, reporting and assessment tasks, can be daunting at best and may even lead to significant mental health issues. But there is a way through it all! This book acknowledges the challenges that exist and suggests evidence-informed ideas that can be used both in and outside the classroom to create an acceptable workload. It takes a positive and proactive stance, encouraging early career teachers to implement strategies that will enable them to work more effectively and ultimately bring a high level of enjoyment and job satisfaction. 



Saddlebags or saddled with baggage?

It’s a circus!

People like me

Choose your words

A life in balance

What’s over your mountain?  

Acronym buster



Julie Greer has been a primary headteacher for half her life, making the most of her own early career experiences in inner London to form her passion for education and a determination to make a difference for all members of a school community. She tries to achieve this through a combination of aspiration, offsetting disadvantage and fairness. She has a particular interest in special educational needs and disabilities, including the social emotional and mental health needs of children.

She is a consultant headteacher for the Anna Freud Centre, supporting the work of the Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools programme. A Visiting Fellow at the University of Southampton and a Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, she sits on the National Executive of the Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) and is Chair of the Schools' Reference Group, advocating for positive developments in teacher education.

Emma Hollis' passion is teacher education. After gaining a first class degree in psychology and training as a primary teacher, she became head of initial teacher education for a SCITT provider. She sees teacher education as a continuum and, whilst her heart will always be very close to the initial stages of a teacher’s development, she is also dedicated to ensuring teachers are given access to high quality professional development throughout their careers. 

Emma took up the role of Executive Director Designate of NASBTT in April 2017 and has been in the post of Executive Director since September 2017.

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Your Reviews on this book

This is an extremely timely and helpful book which will be of real interest to new teachers and those who support them. Especially given the challenging times we live in.

James Noble-Rogers, UCET

Workload remains a huge issue for many teachers, and whilst much needs to be done to tackle this at a system level, for a new teacher it is also crucial to develop and understand strategies for managing workload. This book provides an excellent primer - and manages to be both informative and, perhaps unexpectedly, also an entertaining read!  

With a focus on how we can ensure teachers have a ‘professionally acceptable workload’, the book covers a range of topics and things to consider, from how we perceive our role as teachers to managing work creep. Reflective and practical tasks throughout help ensure ideas are embedded and adopted in practice. Perhaps most importantly, the key themes that come up throughout are agency and balance - both critically important for all teachers, not just those starting out their career.

Cat Scutt, Chartered College of Teaching

Every new teacher worries about managing workload! This timely and essential guide really helps. It’s much more than a guide, it’s like having a daily mentoring dialogue sharing the insight and considered reflections of an experienced practitioner. This book is chock full of ideas, examples and practical tasks – wrapped in memorable metaphors (Goldmining; Packing Saddles; Buckaroos) to engage early career teachers. It will strengthen the confidence and professional self-identity of the teacher as well as the pragmatic balancing between work and life required to succeed.

Margaret Mulholland, Association of School and College Leaders
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