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Sarah Housden

Sarah Housden

Sarah Housden is an Associate Professor at the University of East Anglia, with an occupational therapist background. She has worked with people living with dementia for the past 30 years in a range of contexts including hospital, community and care home settings. Sarah has provided opportunities to meet and work alongside some amazing people living with dementia, each of whom has fascinating stories to tell about their life experiences and achievements.

Her current role involves designing and delivering interactive approaches to teaching and learning which encourages reflective practice and enhances the way in which both pre- and post-registration health practitioners work with people living with dementia.

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Dilemmas and Decision Making in Dementia Care

A series of case studies, inspired by the author’s real-life experience, exploring ethical and practical dilemmas occurring in health and social care practice with people living with dementia in a variety of settings from care homes to intermediate healthcare settings.