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AUTHOR : By David Gumbrell

ISBN : 9781913063535

Edition No : 1

Publication : 20 Apr 2020

Extent : 128 pgs

ISBN : 9781913063542

Edition No : 1

Publication : 20 Apr 2020

Extent : 128 pgs

ISBN : 9781913063559

Edition No : 1

Publication : 20 Apr 2020

Extent : 128 pgs

ISBN : 9781913063566

Edition No : 1

Publication : 20 Apr 2020

Extent : 128 pgs


Go on! You can do it!

Are teachers becoming ever more compliant as a profession? By just quietly getting on with things there is a danger of losing that spark that attracted you to your career in the first place. However, if you feel empowered to take more risks - to take back control of how you teach - then you have the chance to reignite your passion for the job.

This book follows on from David Gumbrell’s text LIFT!, arguing that when you are feeling more resilient you have the courage and confidence to take more risks. You can also calculate that risk more rationally, thereby making it less risky and more likely to result in success. As this cycle continues you become more invigorated, more inspired and thus more engaging as a teacher.


Introduction - Emerging RISK 

1) Training on Plimsolls

2) Prey for the Minotaur 

3) Are you tall enough? 

4) That’s you tot

5) Living with Earthquakes – who’s fault?

6) Is sleet rain, or snow?

7) 21 again, what are the chances? 

8) Floating, yet tethered 

9) Feathered Friends 

10) Pulsating Stuff 

11) Sharpen Up 


13) Gone for a Six

14) Inflatable Pillow 

15) Can’t Resist Air

16) Smashing Time

17) Angles of Elevation 

18) Don’t Get Burnt 

19)  . . . and they are off

20) Pedaling Power

21) Whorls, hoops and arches

22) Swim, Cycle, Run

23) Stifling Suppositions 

24) Channel your Tunnel vision 

25) What the value of the Ph Scale? 

26) ‘One fails forwards’

27) Goosebumps are great! 

28) Push Down and Turn

29) Ever been framed? 

30) Pufferfish Puff 

31) ‘Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat’ 

32) Pixelating Goggles 

33) Pint-sized Problem 

34) How Purple is Purple 

35) Doh! What’s that buzz?

36) Chlorophyll-a-gap

37) ‘I want my Mummy!’

38) Anyone for RISK?

39) Go for Broke 



David Gumbrell is an educational consultant, working in schools to support teachers with their resilience and also with teacher training providers and student teachers. He delivers INSET days, one-to-one coaching sessions, and speaks at headteacher conferences. Drawing on over 20 years of teaching experience, including 7 years as a headteacher, and research conducted at Kingston University, he is well placed to nurture the development of those new to the profession - as well as those who have been teaching for a little longer) He understands how precious time is for teachers and wanted to create a resource that made the best use of this. 

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