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Going up if teaching gets you down

AUTHOR : By David Gumbrell

ISBN : 9781912508488

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 3, 2019

Extent : 96 pgs

ISBN : 9781912508495

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 3, 2019

Extent : 96 pgs

ISBN : 9781912508501

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 3, 2019

Extent : 96 pgs

ISBN : 9781912508518

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 3, 2019

Extent : 96 pgs


This could be just the LIFT you need in your teaching career!

Teachers are a workforce under pressure and many are leaving the profession due to stress and anxiety. This practical, strategy-led book is suitable for trainees, teachers and school leaders, and can be used to promote both individual reflection or a wider staff discussion around the themes of resilience and well-being.

It offers a sustainable and manageable approach in bite-sized chunks to help you regularly nurture yourself and change those perspectives or daily habits that can be unhelpful for you and your pupils. By proactively managing moods, emotions and situations you can make a real difference to your day and to the outcomes of your teaching.

The book can be dipped into and can be used time and again to refresh your outlook and boost your resilience with regular inputs of positive, constructive advice.


1 - Soporific Scrabble score

The value of developing soporific conditions.

2 - Snakes, not ladders

Gain an accurate perception of your day, your week, your year.

3 - Dobbie doubts

Don’t become overly critical of yourself.

4 - A coup for chickens

The importance of sleep for your overall resilience. 

5 - Nyctinastic at night!

What you can learn from plants that gradually close at night.

6 - Otter and otter

Keep yourself anchored like sea otters do.

7 - The many faces of a dodecahedron

Consider things from different perspectives – from all ‘faces’.

8 - A working factorial

How adding an exclamation mark can make a big difference!

9 – Lotions, potions & creams

It would be good to visit the ‘Mind Shop’, as well as the ‘Body Shop’.

10 - Hooking up a hose

How a strong connection is crucial to the flow of ideas. 

11 - The rubric of Rubik

How a methodical approach can solve seemingly complex problems.

12 - Parking parameters

At times you feel like you can’t stop - but you can!

13 - Pixelated picture

How zooming out of Hanje puzzles gives you the full picture.

14 - Infinity, and more?

If you are making continuous loops, you need to stop and pause.

15 - Oh, how the chocolate flows!

‘Top yourself up’ in order to have enough to go around for others.

16 - Scotoma – we’ve all got one!

How to overcome your ‘blind spots’ even though they are still there.

17 - Shaken, yet undeterred!

Gradually dissipate the inevitable ‘fizz’ in your life.

18 - Tea – the drink, or who we drink with?

Sharing a cuppa can teach you the benefits of pausing.

19 - Lorry limits

Learn your limits and let others know what they are.

20 - Strike a chord

Consider what you want to convey, but also how you convey yourself.

21 - Is your teaching sparkling, or flat?

Get the autonomy you need to make your teaching sparkle.

22 - Binary barcodes

You sometimes see things as a one, or a zero, but is this accurate?

23 - Henry’s pail

You can be more effective if you ‘fix’ the ‘hole in your bucket’.

24 - The hole in the wall

How to better manage the amount you ‘draw out’ of your account’. 

25 - Mustard and cress

The benefits of delayed gratification.

26 - Length times width

Change your perspective to alter your perceived ideas. 

27 - Getting to the root of the problem

What you see on the surface, is not the whole picture.

28 - Frogs and mortar

Build on firm foundations and add a ‘brick at a time’.

29 Set-top teaching

‘Press Pause’ to allow yourself a mental break.

30 Skinny, flat, or full fat?

Ensure your teaching is the best that it can be.

31 - Do less, well!

Focus on one thing at a time and do that thing well.

32 - Fearful of failing

Fear of failure (atelophobia) will stifle your chances to flourish.

33 - The keystone experiences

Share the stress – what you can learn from the construction of arches.

34 - The sycamore spin

How feeling ‘in a spin’ will end when you come ‘back down’ to earth.

35 - Reservoir reserves

Hold something back for those ‘just in case moments’.

36 - Rucksack requirements

Coping with the ‘weight of responsibility’ that you carry around.

37 - Mix and match

Listen out for the sounds you need and zone out the ones you don’t.  

38 - Job list shuffle

Prioritise your workload and get started with that first job.

39 - Happily ever after?

Enjoying the journey leads to a positive ending.


David Gumbrell is an educational consultant, working in schools to support teachers with their resilience and also with teacher training providers and student teachers. He delivers INSET days, one-to-one coaching sessions, and speaks at headteacher conferences. Drawing on over 20 years of teaching experience, including 7 years as a headteacher, and research conducted at Kingston University, he is well placed to nurture the development of those new to the profession - as well as those who have been teaching for a little longer) He understands how precious time is for teachers and wanted to create a resource that made the best use of this. 

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