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Leadership Behaviours for Effective Policing

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Leadership Behaviours for Effective Policing

The Service Speaks

AUTHOR : Edited by Mark Kilgallon and Martin Wright

ISBN : 9781915080530

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jun 5, 2023

Extent : 256 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080547

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jun 5, 2023

Extent : 256 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080554

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jun 5, 2023

Extent : 256 pgs


A 'sister' book to Behavioural Skills for Effective Policing, this is an essential handbook of policing leadership behavioural skills for both professional police officers and policing students aspiring to join the force. The behaviours examined are of relevance to all ranks and roles, from a newly appointed police constable to an executive officer.

Behavioural, soft skills are essential to effective policing practice and professional development, and are particularly significant in leadership and management roles. This handbook examines the key leadership behaviours and focuses on discreet aspects within policing as well as describing a career timeline. In addition it provides a unique opportunity for leaders to articulate the effects the Covid-19 pandemic has had on law enforcement, examining the impact on policing behaviours and what the blockages are.

Each chapter is written by a well-established serving police leader or policing scholar, bringing together a wealth of experience and understanding and applying this knowledge in context through key case studies and examples. An ideal handbook for all police officers and students, it bridges the gap between theory and practice so readers can apply what they have learnt to their policing roles and effectively formulate and describe their own leadership philosophy and style.


Introduction by Mark Kilgallon and Martin Wright

Chapter 1. Influence and persuasion by Ken Pease and Jason Roach

Chapter 2. Leading volunteers by Craig Batham

Chapter 3. Effective policing performance by Mark Roberts

Chapter 4. Violence against women and girls by Lynne Knox

Chapter 5. Leading with political awareness by Martin Hewitt

Chapter 6. Leading with communities by Rachel Ward

Chapter 7. Local commanders - values-based leadership by Raj Kholi

Chapter 8. Current thinking on policing leadership by Andy Marsh

Chapter 9. Systems thinking by Jacqueline Sebire

Chapter 10. Personal and organisational accountability by Sir David Thompson

Chapter 11. A unified strategic vision by Fiona Taylor

Chapter 12. The ethical police leader by Richard Lewis 

Chapter 13. Leadership styles and approaches by Matt Jukes 

Chapter 14. Front line policing as a sergeant by Lucy Bottomley

Chapter 15. Leading police reform by Simon Byrne 

Chapter 16. Leading a diverse police force by Carl Foulkes 

Chapter 17. Inspection by Andy Cooke 


Mark Kilgallon works with individuals, teams, organisations, including the UK police service, and strategic partnerships to help them deliver what is at the core of their purpose. He is an Honorary Professor at Nottingham Trent University with academic interests in formal and informal leadership, organisational cultures, and power dynamics within teams.

Martin Wright is a former police officer and creator of the community safety initiative ‘Radio Links’. He is currently Managing Editor of the Oxford Journal of Policing, a volunteer with Dyfed Powys Police and a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Canterbury Christ Church University.

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