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Police Procedure and Evidence in the Criminal Justice System

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Police Procedure and Evidence in the Criminal Justice System

AUTHOR : By Barrie Archer and George Ellison Edited by Tony Blockley

ISBN : 9781914171987

Edition No : 1

Publication : Sep 1, 2022

Extent : 160 pgs

ISBN : 9781914171994

Edition No : 1

Publication : Sep 1, 2022

Extent : 160 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080004

Edition No : 1

Publication : Sep 1, 2022

Extent : 160 pgs


Police procedure and evidence brought to life!

A key text for all those on policing degree or other pre-join routes, this book examines police procedure and evidence in the criminal justice system, providing clear and accessible information while encouraging analysis and reflection. Chapters cover police powers, stop and search, arrest and custody, disposals, court procedures and disclosure, and rehabilitation. Uniquely it follows the journey of a fictional family who all in one way or another become involved in the criminal justice system, allowing students to consider a range of possible options and outcomes and bringing the theory to life.



Chapter 1: Police powers

Chapter 2: Stop and Search

Chapter 3: Arresting the suspect and custody procedures

Chapter 4: Disposals of suspects

Chapter 5: The criminal justice system and court procedures

Chapter 6: Disclosure

Chapter 7: Rehabilitation


Barrie Archer is a lecturer in policing at the University of Derby. He specialises in delivering the police constable degree apprenticeship (PCDA) module, drawing on his experience as an officer with Warwickshire police and his legal qualifications.

George Ellison is a senior lecturer in law at the University of Derby, working both within the law school and on the police degree programme. He served with Merseyside Police for 33 years in several departments, and is a qualified barrister.

Tony Blockley has served within policing for over 30 years, gaining extensive knowledge and understanding of policing organisation and practice. On retirement he had attained the rank of Chief Superintendent with the position of Head of Crime, responsible for leading 500+ multi-disciplinary staff within a complex and critical department servicing public protection, major and serious crime, serious and organised crime, terrorism, financial crime, fraud and forensic services.

As the lead for policing at the University of Derby he is responsible for co-ordinating policing higher education, including developing programmes and enhancing current provision in line with the Police Education Qualification Framework (PEQF) while also supporting the College of Policing in the development of programmes.

He combines an extensive policing career with an understanding of the national curriculum, the requirements of the academic standards and the entry routes to policing, giving him a unique perspective and the necessary credibility to support his role as Editor of Critical Publishing's new policing series.

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