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Equitable Education

Equitable Education

What everyone working in education should know about closing the attainment gap for all pupils

AUTHOR : By Sameena Choudry

ISBN : 9781913453978

Edition No : 1

Publication : May 17, 2021

Extent : 248 pgs

ISBN : 9781913453985

Edition No : 1

Publication : May 17, 2021

Extent : 248 pgs

ISBN : 9781913453992

Edition No : 1

Publication : May 17, 2021

Extent : 248 pgs

ISBN : 9781914171000

Edition No : 1

Publication : May 17, 2021

Extent : 248 pgs


Never has a book on social justice and equitable education been so relevant.

Recent events have highlighted the huge attainment gaps that exist for many pupils within the education system because of factors outside of their control. As the diversity of the pupil population increases, it is more important than ever to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding within the teaching profession around issues of equality and inclusion. This book provides trainees and teachers with an in-depth understanding of the complex issues related to the attainment of key groups of disadvantaged pupils, and practical strategies that can be deployed to address these gaps.

Chapters focus on social class, gender, English as an additional language, minority ethnic achievement, gypsy, Roma and travellers, refugee and asylum seekers, and those with special educational needs and disabilities. The book takes a stark look at the evidence and statistics, provides an overview of the key issues and considerations for each particular group, and suggests key resources and examples of good practice, along with case studies and points for reflection.  Ultimately it encourages you to have high expectations of your pupils and to truly believe that you can help them realise their ambitions and aspirations. 


Chapter 1            Introduction

Chapter 2            Social class

Chapter 3            Gender

Chapter 4            English as an additional language

Chapter 5             Minority ethnic achievement

Chapter 6             Gypsy, Roma and Travellers

Chapter 7             Refugee and asylum seekers

Chapter 8            Special educational needs and disabilities

Chapter 9             Leadership

Chapter 10         Bringing it all together




Sameena Choudry is the founder of Equitable Education Ltd, an educational consultancy specialising in closing the attainment gap. She is also co-founder of #WomenEd, a grassroots movement for connecting existing and aspiring women leaders in education. She has worked as a teacher, lecturer, ITE tutor, examiner, senior leader, adviser and has had senior officer roles within three LAs. She is also a trained Ofsted inspector. Sameena has worked with hundreds of schools to improve educational outcomes for pupils with specific needs who, with additional support, can and do achieve highly. She has contributed to a number of publications and regularly speaks at educational conferences on issues relating to equality, diversity and social justice.

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Your Reviews on this book

"This is a powerful and timely consideration of the ways in which education has the capacity to make a difference.  Packed full of evidence-informed strategies, this book considers the range of ways that schools can respond positively to build far greater equity for all…I recommend this book to teachers, leaders, teacher-educators, inspectors and anyone concerned to move beyond the wringing of hands towards positive transformative action in our schools and colleges.  Sameena Choudry's contribution is authoritative and compelling and deserves our full attention."

Dame Alison Peacock Chief Executive of the Chartered College of Teaching

 “Occasionally a book comes along that profoundly and eloquently speaks to your heart; this is such a book. For anyone who cares deeply about equity in education this is a must read. This book by Sameena Choudry is simply a tour de force of the evidence around inequity and injustice, it has moral purpose at its core and a belief in success for every child in every page…Timely and important.”

Professor Alma Harris PhD, FAcSS, FLSW, FRSA Deputy Head of School, Swansea University School of Education

"In this engaging and inspirational book, Sameena Choudry draws on her massive experience of promoting inclusion and equity in education over many years. Her ideas are both challenging and yet supportive of those in the field who struggle to find ways of responding positively to learner diversity..."

Mel Ainscow CBE Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Manchester, UK

"Sameena has spent her career being a powerhouse and role model for the importance of education, social justice and breaking down barriers. This book not only shines a light on these important issues but also gives highly actionable, concrete advice for those who want to move the agenda forward. A must read for all who work in education."

Professor Samantha Twiselton, OBE Director, Sheffield Institute of Education

"In an area with more noise than insight, this book delivers a precision of focus, providing practical strategies and guidance for teachers and senior leaders underpinned by research. Never less than engaging, this book is essential reading for those dedicated to addressing inequalities within education."

Professor Damien Page Dean of School, Carnegie School of Education

"This is a highly readable, wide ranging book on the factors contributing to the variation in outcomes for groups of pupils. In laying out the contributing factors of underachievement, summarising the research, providing case studies and prompts for action, it points the way for a truly equitable education for all. Essential reading for every part of the education sector."

Mary Myatt Education adviser and writer

“This comprehensive book is an extremely valuable resource for all those involved in education – teachers, support staff, leaders at all levels, and governors.  It is thoroughly researched and impressively referenced, highly informative…and strongly grounded in practical strategies and sound wisdom…. We can all benefit from Sameena’s…knowledge and good sense, and her helpfully collated links and resources should enable practitioners to focus on the most credible evidence-based strategies in their support of every learner.”

Jill Berry Leadership development consultant and education commentator

"It is rare to find a book that so clearly defines the challenges faced by so many, without blame or judgement. Each chapter explores a different dimension, from gender and special educational needs, to social class and refugee status, drawing together the facts, numbers and research with stark clarity….We are all involved in working towards a more inclusive and equitable system. There are no quick fixes. Undoubtedly, this is a book we should all be reading."

Megan Dixon Director of Research for Holy Family Catholic MAT
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