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Dilemmas and Decision Making in Nursing

Tags: Nursing

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Dilemmas and Decision Making in Nursing

A Practice-based Approach

AUTHOR : Edited by Julia Hubbard

ISBN : 9781915080325

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 17, 2023

Extent : 192 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080332

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 17, 2023

Extent : 192 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080349

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 17, 2023

Extent : 192 pgs


Written for both pre-registration nursing students and existing nursing practitioners, this book provides a collection of realistic fictional scenarios that explore how nurses tackle clinical dilemmas, weigh up options and make good decisions based on a sound understanding of theory related to practice.

This book provides an annotated thinking aloud framework for critical reflection that identifies the relevant values, theories, approaches and models being used, allowinf readers to really understand how theory can be applied to practice. It provides students and educators with opportunities to discuss clinical dilemmas in a safe space in which they can explore their own values and beliefs, apply professional knowledge and consider new approaches to nursing. 

Featured in these clinical scenarios are professional dilemmas they may not have yet encountered in their practice to help them uncover new methods of decision-making. It explores best practice and takes account of other professional perspectives, including challenges and barriers to interdisciplinary working. After using this book learners will feel confident in their problem-solving and decision-making abilities. 



Section1: Perceptions of risk and safety

Chapter 1: Fit for discharge but not safe to leave 

Chapter 2: There’s a cuckoo in the nest 

Chapter 3: I’m a nurse not a social worker 

Chapter 4: Coercion, control, and personal choice 

Chapter 5: Do no harm  


Section 2: Prioritising care

Chapter 6: Information, Communication, Expectation, Resuscitation

Chapter 7:To donate or not to donate  

Chapter 8: For crying out loud! 

Chapter 9: Don’t miss the point 

Chapter 10: Cutting, coping and compassion 


Section 3: Personalising care

Chapter 11: See me, hear me, include me 

Chapter 12: False hope?

Chapter 13: A rock and a hard place 

Chapter 14: A case of mistaken reality 

Chapter 15: The man I plan to marry






Julia Hubbard is a Professor of Clinical Health Education at the University of East Anglia. She is an experienced academic, having worked in university-level healthcare education since 1993. During that time she has been involved in curriculum development and course delivery across a range of health care professions at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, both nationally and internationally. Her current role as innovation lead for the School of Health Sciences involves seeking new education opportunities to meet the changing health care needs of the UK population.

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