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Criminal Investigation

Tags: Policing

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Criminal Investigation

AUTHOR : By Iain Stainton and Robert Ewin Edited by Tony Blockley

ISBN : 9781914171505

Edition No : 1

Publication : Feb 7, 2022

Extent : 216 pgs

ISBN : 9781914171512

Edition No : 1

Publication : Feb 7, 2022

Extent : 216 pgs

ISBN : 9781914171529

Edition No : 1

Publication : Feb 7, 2022

Extent : 216 pgs


Criminal investigation is an essential topic, running through the new national policing curriculum from volume crime to serious organised criminality. This book provides accessible and comprehensive coverage, with case studies and examples to embed understanding, clear links between theory and practice, and a range of critical thinking and review activities. It examines investigation from inception to conclusion, detailing methods, explaining legal requirements and reflecting on past investigations. The contributory roles of specialists and forensic support are examined to provide an inclusive overview of the whole investigative process.

The Professional Policing Curriculum in Practice is a new series of books that match the requirements of the new pre-join policing qualifications. The texts reflect modern policing, are up-to-date and relevant, and grounded in practice. They reflect the challenges faced by new students, linking theory to real-life operational practice, while addressing critical thinking and other academic skills needed for degree-level study.


Chapter 1: Introduction to criminal investigation process

Chapter 2: Key principles of criminal investigation

Chapter 3: Investigative practice

Chapter 4: Witness and victim management

Chapter 5: Investigative interviewing

Chapter 6: Specialist support

Chapter 7: Covert methods

Chapter 8: Complex cases

Chapter 9: Measuring investigative success


Iain Stainton is senior lecturer in security, intelligence and investigative practice at the University of Cumbria. He has over 30 years' practical policing experience in a variety of overt and covert investigative roles, which prepared him to deliver a range of investigative training within a law enforcement environment. The transition to academia allowed him to make links between theory, research and professional practice. He has experienced a wide variety of training in both policing and higher education, and values the practitioner-led approach to learning.

Robert Ewin is a serving police officer, practitioner, and researcher, with experiences and publications around dealing with vulnerability within the criminal investigation setting. His main interests include the psychology of mindlessness, investigative practices relating to witnesses, and policing responses to vulnerable populations. He currently leads the delivery of new police officer training and specialist investigation training alongside the Police Educational Qualification Framework. He has experience in business continuity for online training delivery.

Tony Blockley has served within policing for over 30 years, gaining extensive knowledge and understanding of policing organisation and practice. On retirement he had attained the rank of Chief Superintendent with the position of Head of Crime, responsible for leading 500+ multi-disciplinary staff within a complex and critical department servicing public protection, major and serious crime, serious and organised crime, terrorism, financial crime, fraud and forensic services.

As the lead for policing at the University of Derby he is responsible for co-ordinating policing higher education, including developing programmes and enhancing current provision in line with the Police Education Qualification Framework (PEQF) while also supporting the College of Policing in the development of programmes.

He combines an extensive policing career with an understanding of the national curriculum, the requirements of the academic standards and the entry routes to policing, giving him a unique perspective and the necessary credibility to support his role as Editor of Critical Publishing's new policing series.

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