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All Change!

All Change!

Best practice for educational transitions

AUTHOR : By Rhiannon Packer

ISBN : 9781913063573

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jan 15, 2021

Extent : 120 pgs

ISBN : 9781913063580

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jan 15, 2021

Extent : 120 pgs

ISBN : 9781913063597

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jan 15, 2021

Extent : 120 pgs

ISBN : 9781913063603

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jan 15, 2021

Extent : 120 pgs


Examines transitions within education – between year groups, key stages and schools – and how they can be managed and supported for the maximum benefit of the pupil. There is recognition that educational experiences can have a profound impact on both employability and future well-being.  

Beneath the political rhetoric is the need for a deepened understanding of how to develop lifelong learners, who can react positively to change and who can think critically, reflectively and independently. Supporting and managing transitions within the educational system lies at the heart of this and is therefore vitally important for all pupils.   


Drawing upon theory, the book provides examples of practical strategies supported by real life case studies from both working practitioners and key stakeholders including pupils and parents. These raise awareness of both challenges and good practice, while also providing key opportunities for different sectors to learn from one another. 


1. Introduction - Why read about transition?

2. Theories of transition 

3. Vulnerable transitions

4. Lessons in Listening 1: The Learner’s Voice

5. Lessons in Listening 2: Giving voice to the Learner’s Support System

6. Practitioner Discourse: Preparing for and supporting Transition

7. Ideas from abroad - transitions elsewhere

8. Conclusion


Rhiannon Packer worked at the University of South Wales for nearly 14 years and is now based at Cardiff Metropolitan University – so understands how the transition from one institution to another can be a huge upheaval, despite the many similarities. Before entering higher education she worked as a secondary school teacher, including roles as Head of Year and Acting Head of Department, as well as undertaking research for a PhD.

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Your Reviews on this book

“This wonderful book makes a most valuable and welcome contribution to our understanding of this critical aspect of education. It explores the long-lasting effects of transitions on individuals, combining key theories of transition with the perspectives of learners, parents/care-givers and practitioners. The reader-friendly structure supports readers…with helpful recaps, recommendations, reflective questions and suggested further reading…Practical, evidence-based examples for consideration by educational settings are included to support educators to develop inclusive, effective approaches to transition.”

Lisa Taylor Director of Initial Teacher Education, University of South Wales

“This is a concise, rich text that examines transition from various theoretical perspective and includes the voices of learners, parents/carers and practitioners. The authors make subtle and effective links to theory throughout the book and draw upon relevant literature to explain the importance of understanding the transition process in a more holistic way rather than a one-off event…...  A great little read!”

Dr Alyson Lewis Research Officer - Welsh Government
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