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A Critical Guide to the SEND Code of Practice 0-25 Years (2015)

A Critical Guide to the SEND Code of Practice 0-25 Years (2015)

AUTHOR : By Janet Goepel, Jackie Scruton and Caroline Wheatley

ISBN : 9781913063337

Edition No : 1

Publication : Feb 17, 2020

Extent : 160 pgs

ISBN : 9781913063344

Edition No : 1

Publication : Feb 17, 2020

Extent : 160 pgs

ISBN : 9781913063351

Edition No : 1

Publication : Feb 17, 2020

Extent : 160 pgs

ISBN : 9781913063368

Edition No : 1

Publication : Feb 17, 2020

Extent : 160 pgs


A practical guide to the SEND Code of Practice for trainees, teachers, SENCOs and other health and social care professionals working with children and young people who present with special educational needs or disability. Parents, carers and families of these children will also find it invaluable.

This accessible guide sets out the statutory rules and responsibilities for all those involved as detailed in the code of practice and helps you to understand and interpret these in context through case studies and critical insights. It fills the gap between policy and practice for all those working in this area from primary through to FE.

Professionals and practitioners will be able to identify complexity and dilemmas, understand perspectives that may be different from their own, and consider theoretical frameworks that encourage and support critical thinking and reflection.


PART ONE: Introduction

1. Context

2. Working together - joint outcomes

3. Local Offer

PART TWO: Knowing the child / young person

  1. Early identification - universal provision
  2. Providing support - targeted provision
  3. Extending support - bespoke provision

PART THREE: Education, Health and Care Plans

  1. Understanding the EHCP process and plan
  2. The parent and child/young people's journey
  3. The education practitioner's responsibility
  4. The health practitioner's responsibility
  5. The social care practitioner's responsibility
  6. Implementing the EHC plan
  7. The review process


Janet Goepel was a teacher for many years, working with a range of children with the label of SEN. She moved to working in higher education teaching inclusion and special educational needs after completing her Masters. Her doctoral thesis is concerned with the professionalism of doctors and teachers in working together to support children with special educational needs. She is currently a senior lecturer in primary education at Sheffield Hallam University and teaches inclusion and special educational needs on both the undergraduate and postgraduate initial teacher training courses. She is the leader for the PCGE award in Special Educational Needs Coordination and also the National Priority Lead for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) for all primary and early years teacher education courses within the university. 

Jackie Scruton qualified as an NNEB and spent the next 14 years working in a variety of settings including a residential boarding school for boys with emotional and behavourial difficulties, an inner city family centre, a special school and further education colleges. She has an MA in SEN, now teaches in HE, and is a specialist member of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST).

Caroline Wheatley taught for many years within the primary age phase. She became a SENCO and subsequently trained as a specialist teacher in dyslexia and literacy. She managed a local authority learning support service, and is now service leader for a group of 7 inclusion services which together address all four of the main areas of SEND. This current role enables her to see the graduated response to need at all levels in action on a daily basis, from the perspectives of children, young people and their families, as well as from colleagues in education, health and social care.

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We have just purchased copies based on the strength of the text. Janet Goepel is a name that almost guarantees a good book and this is very much the case here.  This book is well laid out in the relevant sections and visually appealing using appropriate info graphics.  The fact it is not just about education is a real strength.

Andy Bloor, University of Derby

The case studies were one of the most useful parts of this book for both students and lecturers. I also liked the way the book is designed to enhance personal reflections and critical thinking rather than just describing some basic facts.

Leda Kamanopoulu, Roehampton University
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