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The Mindful Social Worker

Tags: Social Work

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The Mindful Social Worker

Living your best social work life

AUTHOR : By Barbara Starns

ISBN : 9781915080356

Edition No : 1

Publication : Nov 3, 2022

Extent : 176 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080363

Edition No : 1

Publication : Nov 3, 2022

Extent : 176 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080370

Edition No : 1

Publication : Nov 3, 2022

Extent : 176 pgs


Mindfulness and social work values go hand in hand and this book is the perfect guide in self-care for social workers who want to incorporate mindfulness into their working lives to positive effect. Looking after your mental health in your working life is so important so that you can do the best job you can and learning mindfulness is a great way to incorporate this.

Studies have suggested that mindful social workers can have greater emotional awareness with less emotional reactivity, develop stronger interpersonal skills, and other valuable skills that are important for a relationship-based practice. The Mindful Social Worker gives the reader mindfulness guidance to not only improve themselves but also see how this can have an impact on their work.

In this book, the reader will be provided with practice tools such as meditation and relaxation techniques to help the practitioner to be more present and have a stronger propensity to reflection. Case study reflection and self-assessments are also used in this book to enable any practitioner from students and the newly qualified to the experienced social worker or care professional. 

This is all done within the framework of professional standards for Social Work education and practice, showing how much mindfulness can relate to the social work profession.




Chapter 1 - Explaining Mindfulness 

Chapter 2 - The Mindful Social Worker 

Chapter 3 - Mindful Communication 

Chapter 4 - Developing Trusted Relationships 

Chapter 5 - Assessment: The Benefits of a Mindful Approach 

Chapter 6 - Problem solving and Creativity 

Chapter 7 - Supervision and Critical Reflection 

Chapter 8 - Continuing the Mindful Journey 



Barbara Starns has practiced as a social worker and social work manager working predominantly in the field of safeguarding. She managed services that assure the quality of the provision of adult social care, as well as becoming a Safeguarding Adults Board Manager. Barbara currently works as an Independent Consultant and Trainer in Adult Social Care, as well as carrying out doctoral research into digital engagement and inclusion.


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"The world we live in today seems to demand that we routinely shift our focus in a quest for instant gratification. This can lead to a way of being where we find it difficult to submerge ourselves in the ‘deep work’ of practice. We always have a sense that we’re missing something and need to move on. Operating in the social work profession in a mindful way can be an antidote to this. This book takes you on a journey of exploration into mindfulness and applies it effectively to the realities of the practice world. An excellent, insightful, and truly helpful read!"

Stephen Mordue University of Sunderland
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