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Social Work and Covid 19

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Social Work and Covid 19

Lessons for Education and Practice

AUTHOR : Edited by Denise Turner

ISBN : 9781913453619

Edition No : 1

Publication : 30 Nov 2020

Extent : 112 pgs

ISBN : 9781913453633

Publication : 30 Nov 2020

Extent : pgs

ISBN : 9781913453626

Publication : 30 Nov 2020

Extent : 112 pgs

ISBN : 9781913453640

Publication : 30 Nov 2020

Extent : 112 pgs


Captures the unique moment in time created by the Covid 19 pandemic and uses this as a lens to explore contemporary issues for social work education and practice.   

The 2020 pandemic provided an unprecedented moment of global crisis, which placed health and social care at the forefront of the national agenda. The lockdown, social distancing measures and rapid move to online working created multiple challenges and safeguarding concerns for social work education and practice, whilst the unparalleled death rate exacerbated pre-existing problems with communicating openly about death and bereavement. Many of these issues were already at the surface of social work practice and education and this book examines how the health crisis has exposed these, whilst acting as a potential catalyst for change.  

This book acts as a testament to the historical moment whilst providing a forum for drawing together discussion from contemporary educators, practitioners and users of social work services.


  1. Introduction (Denise Turner)
  2. Living in Lockdown (Varsha Tailor)
  3. Social Work and the ethics of Digital technology (Amanda Taylor-Beswick)
  4. Social Work Practice during a pandemic (Cornelia Lange & Robert Maynard)
  5. BAME Students under the Lockdown (Prospera Tedam)
  6. Proximity and Politics (Joanne Warner)
  7. Asylum seekers and refugee experiences of the Pandemic (Kish Bhatti Sinclair & Daniel Smith)
  8. A Social Work student’s experience of lockdown (Andrew Lorimer, Francis Sentamu & Rachel Sharples)
  9. Reflection and Creativity as Praxis (Arianne Critchley & Autumn Roesch-Marsh)
  10. Loss, Change and Bereavement (Denise Turner)
  11. Supervision and end of life (Marie Price)
  12. Conclusion (Denise Turner)


Dr Denise Turner is an experienced, registered Social Worker and currently works as a Senior Lecturer in Social Work.

Her research interests encompass digital practices and death, loss and bereavement. She was Chair of the Advisory Group for the national Digital Capabilities project for Social Work, delivered by SCIE and BASW and is interested in the positive challenges of digital media. She has authored a book on parents’ experiences of the professional response to sudden, unexpected child death and is currently involved with research focused on bereavement and grief resulting from Covid19.

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