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Social Policy and Drugs and Alcohol


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Social Policy and Drugs and Alcohol

Key Extracts from Understanding Substance Use: Policy and Practice

AUTHOR : By Elaine Arnull

ISBN : 9781910391327

Publication : Feb 18, 2015

Extent : pgs


This Critical Focus is based on key extracts from Understanding Substance Use: Policy and Practice. It provides an indepth look at social policy relating to drugs and alcohol in the UK over the last fifty years and will be relevant to anyone with an interest in these fields.


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  1. Social policy: the first strategy – Tackling Drugs Together
  2. Social policy: drugs and alcohol post-1998






Elaine Arnull‘s research has attracted international attention and exerted an influence on policy and practice. She is interested in finding innovative solutions to research, social policy and educational problems. Elaine was as a Probation Officer and has worked in the third and policy sectors. She is an experienced educator and has developed and taught social work, criminal justice, criminology, health and research methods programmes. She is the author of ‘Social Work in the Youth Justice System: a multidisciplinary perspective’ (2013) with Darrell Fox and numerous journal and research publications.  Elaine has worked with substance users and their families, developed and campaigned on substance use policy and researched substance use across the spectrum of statutory, criminal justice and voluntary and not for profit sectors.

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