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Principles of Practice by Principal Social Workers

Tags: Social Work

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Principles of Practice by Principal Social Workers

AUTHOR : Edited by Tanya Moore

ISBN : 9781915080950

Edition No : 1

Publication : Mar 6, 2023

Extent : 170 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080967

Edition No : 1

Publication : Mar 6, 2023

Extent : 170 pgs

ISBN : 9781915080974

Edition No : 1

Publication : Mar 6, 2023

Extent : 170 pgs


A must-have text for social work students and practitioners which draws on the extensive years of experience of Principal Social Workers to shed light on contemporary issues.

Principal Social Workers are highly skilled and experienced professionals who lead and support social work practice and develop new social workers and social care practitioners. They are senior managers but also remain actively involved with frontline practice so they can report on the views and experiences of practitioners at all levels. Their experience and knowledge is a hitherto untapped goldmine. This book draws upon the years of experience that are represented within the role and gives a voice to the experience of PSWs. Accessible and accurate, these chapters discuss contemporary practice issues such as sustainability, poverty and racism. Common to all the chapters is the central position of the relationship in social work practice. This book will give food for thought to any social worker or social work care practitioner. 

This book offers a refreshing and accessible take on contemporary practice issues. Presented in an accessible style, each chapter displays an area of practice that has personal resonance for the author. It encourage critical thinking by taking a broader concept and asking the reader 'what does this mean for social work practice?'


Foreword    Lord Patel

Foreword    Ian Lawrence

Introduction Tanya Moore

Chapter 1 – Patchwork of relationships   Sarah Range

Chapter 2 - Ways of Writing  Fiona Hayward

Chapter 3 - Relationship Based Practice  Claudia Megele     

Chapter 4 - Safeguarding Adults    Fran Leddra

Chapter 5 - A Reflection on On-Line Relationships and the Changing Landscape of Practice    Claudia Megele     

Chapter 6 - Human Rights and Social Work            Hannah Scaife  

Chapter 7 - Poverty and the need for Radical Relational Practice  Lisa Aldridge

Chapter 8 - Relationships and Reciprocity? Strengths-based social work in adult social care  Tanya Moore

Chapter 9 - Understanding Racial Dynamics in Supervision  Godfred Boahen  

Chapter 10 - Anti-Racist Leadership      Sara Taylor          

Chapter 11 - Does Sustainability Have a Place in Social Work?  Tendai Murowe             

Chapter 12 - Social Worker's Relationship with CPD   Tanya Moore

Chapter 13 - Our Wellbeing        Leire Agirre   


Dr Tanya Moore is a social worker, teacher and academic. She currently leads on the professional doctorate in social work at The Tavistock and Portman but previous roles have included Principal Social Worker, voluntary sector Chief Executive and University Lecturer.

Tanya is interested in the role of individual social workers as activists for social justice and in the promotion of reflective, theoretically informed practice across social work and social care. She co-edited The Anti-Racist Social Worker with Glory Simango and her doctoral research is in the emotional experience of continuing professional development for social workers.

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