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Practice Education in Social Work

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Practice Education in Social Work

Achieving Professional Standards

AUTHOR : By Sue Taplin and Paula Beesley

ISBN : 9781915713094

Edition No : 3

Publication : Mar 23, 2023

Extent : 240 pgs

ISBN : 9781915713100

Edition No : 3

Publication : Mar 23, 2023

Extent : 240 pgs

ISBN : 9781915713117

Edition No : 3

Publication : Mar 23, 2023

Extent : 240 pgs


Now fully updated to reflect the changing social work landscape and the BASW refreshed (2019) Practice Educator Professional Standards, this best-selling book is an invaluable guide for Practice Educators and Practice Supervisors undertaking learning and assessment to gain and maintain Stage 1 or 2 status and for those involved in facilitating the learning, support, assessment and CPD of Practice Educators.

Intended to enhance the learning and assessment of Practice Educators, it covers all key areas within Practice Educator training and offers guidance on the application of key skills and knowledge in supporting, assessing and teaching social work students and managing the placement. It will particularly assist Practice Educators to: 

  • Understand and implement effective supervision of social work students
  • Understand holistic assessment of practice; assessing in line with capability levels expected at the end of first and final placement
  • Deal with weaker or failing students.


1 – Introduction and overview

2 – Preparation, planning and induction

3 - Enabling learning

4 – Supervision

5 - Reflective practice

6 - Assessment

7 - Values

8 - Dealing with difficulties

9 – Development and assessment of the Practice Educator

10 – Practice Education in the workplace and CPD



Sue Taplin is a registered Social Worker with 18 years’ experience as a Social Work Researcher and University Lecturer. Prior to embarking on an academic career, Sue practised in the voluntary sector as a Palliative Care Social Worker and Practice Educator. Sue currently works at the University of Lincoln, where she brings her passion for practice and interprofessional learning and teaching to the undergraduate and postgraduate social work programmes. Sue is the editor of Innovations in Practice Learning, published by Critical Publishing in 2018.

Paula Beesley is a registered social worker with a background in working within children services, particularly with parents with a learning disability. She is a qualified practice educator and has supported numerous students, both in her role in local authority teams and as an independent Off-Site Practice Educator (OSPE).  She now works at Leeds Beckett University as a Senior Lecturer in Social Work, specialising in skill development and placement preparation and support. She is writing her doctoral thesis on developing knowledge and skills in social work student supervision.


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