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Living a good life with Dementia

Tags: Nursing, Social Work

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Living a good life with Dementia

A practitioner's guide

AUTHOR : By Liz Leach Murphy and Jayna Patel

ISBN : 9781914171567

Edition No : 1

Publication : Dec 6, 2021

Extent : 320 pgs

ISBN : 9781914171574

Edition No : 1

Publication : Dec 6, 2021

Extent : 320 pgs

ISBN : 9781914171581

Edition No : 1

Publication : Dec 6, 2021

Extent : 320 pgs


A practical guide to helping those living with dementia live their best life in a way that makes sense to them.


Essential reading for anyone working with people living with dementia, this book explains the concept of Self-Directed Support and Care for people living with dementia and links the various Person Centred approaches within dementia care with Person Centred Planning and Community based approaches. As the content unfolds, the concept of the Dementia Care Triad (people living with dementia, unpaid carers and professional carers) is explored and developed further to include the layer of community. The links between the health and social care legal context, guidance documents and national dementia strategies are presented with good, actionable practice, approaches, tools and informed advice to achieve Person Centred dementia care and support, with an emphasis on communities

Living a Good Life with Dementia will help professionals and carers gain knowledge and insight to be able to develop creative ideas for the care and support they want to have in place.


Ch 1 An Introduction to Personalisation

Ch 2 Personalisation: What Does it Mean for People Living with Dementia?

Ch 3 The Dementia Journey

Ch 4 A Toolkit to Develop Skills and Approaches to Achieve Personalised Support in Dementia Care

Ch 5 Effective Communication Tools and Approaches to Use to Support People Living with Dementia

Ch 6 Personalisation During Times of Changing Behaviour

Ch 7 Developing and Embedding Person Centred Cultures 


With a degree in journalism, Jayna Patel enjoyed using her investigation skills to help Liz create a practical and valuable resource for informal carers supporting someone living with dementia. As a Content Writer for health and wellbeing app, Evergreen Life, she understood the importance of balancing the need for the book to be thoroughly researched, with the requirement for it to written accessibly. Jayna had more of a marketing background than a health and social care one, having previously worked as an account manager at a web design and digital marketing agency for six years, meaning she was ideally placed to ensure the content was conveyed in an easy-to follow, jargon-free way – as well as tidy up all the references!

Liz Leach Murphy has worked within Health and Social care for the past 25 years and within this time she has been committed to improving the experiences of those accessing the care and support they need, which this has involved working alongside people living with dementia and their families.  She has trained in and delivered Person Centred Planning and Support Brokerage which are both approaches to enable people to direct their own care and support in a manner that is rooted in community rather than services. Liz's work and passion led her to setting up Imagineer Development UK CIC in 2010, a social enterprise based in the North of England with a national reach which specialise in Self-Direction.

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Your Reviews on this book

“This is the book we need. Too often people living with dementia are not included in cutting edge thinking and practice, but this book provides a comprehensive overview of some of the most important initiatives and perspectives that will transform support for people with dementia and enable us all to live together, as equals, at every stage of our lives. Great credit goes to the authors for integrating so much useful information."

Dr Simon Duffy Citizen Network Coop

"This book is an extremely helpful guide to social care practitioners. It brings together a number of person-centred models and theories together into one book, which is easy to read in an accessible format. It can be easy in practice for the voice of the person to be overshadowed by well meaning family and practitioners. This book’s focus on relationship-centred care, seeing the value and contribution of the person living with Dementia within their care planning, is essential knowledge for practitioners seeking to empower the person to have genuine choice and control…I would highly recommend this book to anyone working in front line social care to aid their practice."

Amy Sowerby Senior Social Worker, Leeds

“If you are living with Dementia as a feature of your life, in this book, you have a comprehensive guide to living a good and interdependent life, with near neighbours; at the centre of a connected community. If you have the privilege of being a professional that serves people living with Dementia, in this book you have a practice and theoretical guide, as to how you can avoid inadvertently institutional people. It is a compass you can take with you on the road, as you walk alongside people and communities, supporting (not directing) them as they explore abundant, surprising, joyful and authentic ways to live well with Dementia, and to continue to be valued citizens and precious beloved gifts to those that surround them.”

Cormac Russell Author of Rekindling Democracy – A Professional’s Guide to Working in Citizen Space

"This is not a book you just read once! This is a book that keeps on giving as there is so much great content and actionable advice, useful tools and approaches. The journey through the book is easy to embark on and starting with ‘why’, goes from a history of developments in dementia care and support to where we are now and beyond to a sense of the direction for the future. The timing is perfect to coincide with the release of the government white paper 'People at the heart of care'."

Ed Shrager Behumankind Facilitator and Co founder of Charity Culture Catalyst CIC

"From my perspective, ‘Living with Dementia’ could easily be retitled or sub-titled, ‘How to Organise Human Services’ or ‘The Real Meaning of Care’ – because its core analysis and well-researched and argued proposals constitute, to me, a rallying cry for the rediscovery of relationship-based social services and a damning critique of the governmental orthodoxy of the post Thatcher decades. That asserts that care is a commodity and, as John McKnight so eloquently put it, “the silly idea that care can be bought and managed”.

Liz’s writing is infused with the simple truth that relationships and inclusion, ‘supplemented and complemented’ (Al Etmanski) by sensitive professionals and services that value the primacy of the relational or core economy, are the stuff of true care.

This is essential reading for the politicians of all parties and Whitehall policy folk who have dismantled Social Services, replaced this with the social care market, and, as that collapses, spout ‘reform’ but really only understand Elastoplast, and imagine that care is about cost rather than value!"

Bob Rhodes Founder/Director of LivesthroughFriends and author of ‘Much More to Life than Services’ (2010); and The Green Book – Caring for Each Other Sustainably (2013)
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