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Heather Castillo

Heather Castillo worked for many years in Mind Organisations in Essex, developing Advocacy for adults with mental health problems.  She was also instrumental in setting up one of the first advocacy projects in the country for children and adolescents with mental health problems.  She has worked with adult Service Users, training and supporting them to become legitimate researchers in the mental health arena and her work with them regarding the personality disorder diagnosis was published as a book entitled Personality Disorder, Temperament or Trauma?   Eight years ago she helped to set up, and became the Chief Executive of The Haven Project which is a Department of Health National Innovation Site for the support and treatment of personality disorder.  She has published a chapter in The Art and Science of Mental Health Nursing, Second Edition entitled The Person with a Personality Disorder Open University Press.  In 2011 she completed a doctorate about the process of recovery in personality disorder, a study that has begun to create a synthesis of human development and recovery theory, which is new and important for people with a personality disorder diagnosis. What is unique about this study is that the significances of the recovery journey in personality disorder have been defined by service users.