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Themes and Issues in Primary Education

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Themes and Issues in Primary Education

AUTHOR : By Barry Hymer and Karen Lockney Compiled by NASBTT

ISBN : 9781912096459

Edition No : 1

Publication : 23 May 2018

Extent : 272 pgs

ISBN : 9781912096442

Edition No : 1

Publication : 23 May 2018

Extent : 272 pgs

ISBN : 9781912096435

Edition No : 1

Publication : 23 May 2018

Extent : 272 pgs


This bespoke ebook compilation is focused on important themes and issues in primary education, including assessment, planning, behaviour management, and inclusion. It has been produced in order to address workload concerns and to offer additional but focused support by presenting a collection of helpful chapters from a wide range of texts to support your learning effectively and ensure that you continue to grow your knowledge base, develop your learning, and enjoy exploring and researching a wide range of topics in a supportive and accessible way. It takes key chapters from a range of popular educational texts. Each chapter has deliberately been kept in its original format so that you become familiar with a variety of styles and approaches as you progress your studies.




1                           Practical wisdom and public knowledge

2                           Well-structured teaching

3                           Assessment

4                           Using assessment accurately and productively

5                           Planning and assessment

6                           Behaviour management

7                           Managing pupils' behaviour

8                           Behaviour management and classroom discipline

9                           Understanding policy

10                         The inclusive classroom

11                         The inclusive curriculum

12                         Understanding learners with SEND

13                         Understanding learners with EAL


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