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The Social Worker's Guide to the Care Act 2014

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The Social Worker's Guide to the Care Act 2014

AUTHOR : By Pete Feldon

ISBN : 9781913453053

Edition No : 2

Publication : Mar 14, 2022

Extent : 328 pgs


New edition of our best-selling book which helps social workers gain a comprehensive understanding of how to achieve best practice in applying the Care Act 2014.

It covers the key stages of the ‘care and support journey' - first contact, assessment of needs, prevention, consideration of eligibility, charging and financial assessment, care and support planning, and review. In addition, other chapters look at significant issues such as safeguarding and working with NHS colleagues. 

The core aims are to provide the following:

  1. a solid foundation for social work students in developing a critical understanding of the Care Act and its application,
  2. the material to help experienced social workers with developing the critical reflection necessary to enhance their ability to make professional judgements
  3. a source of reference which social workers can use to evaluate their local systems, policies and procedures.

The second edition also provides practice examples of mistakes that have been made in applying the Care Act and the statutory guidance. It sets out more considered description of how social workers might apply the statutory guidance on personal budgets.





  1. First contact 
  2. Assessment of needs
  3. Eligibility determination
  4. The duty and power to meet needs
  5. Charging and financial assessment
  6. Care and support planning
  7. Review
  8. Safeguarding enquiries
  9. Safeguarding – types of abuse, SABs
  10. Substantially difficulty with involvement
  11. Disputes
  12. Working with the NHS and housing
  13. Other modification and additions
  14. Professional judgement


Pete Feldon is a freelance Care Act consultant and trainer. He has a background of working in many sectors of social care as a social worker, trainer, manager and policy developer. He was a member of the team that developed learning materials for the Care Act for Skills for Care. He is currently providing Care Act training for local authorities and for BASW. He was previously a member of the board of Skills for Care (November 2012 - November 2014). He has written articles on the Care Act published in Professional Social Work, and also ‘The A-Z of the Care Act 2014’ for Community Care Inform.

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