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Teaching in Further Education

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Teaching in Further Education

The Inside Story

AUTHOR : By Susan Wallace

ISBN : 9781909682733

Publication : Oct 19, 2015

Extent : 136 pgs

ISBN : 9781909682740

Publication : Oct 19, 2015

Extent : 136 pgs

ISBN : 9781909682757

Publication : Oct 19, 2015

Extent : 136 pgs

ISBN : 9781909682764

Publication : Oct 19, 2015

Extent : 136 pgs


This realistic, relevant and accessible book explores the teacher’s role and what makes for effective learning and teaching in the further education sector through means of a fictional approach. It provides a series of linked case study chapters, each set in the same fictional institution and each involving characters, with a range of pertinent roles, who appear and re-appear as their overall story arcs develop. Chapter aims are clearly stated and each narrative is followed by an analysis of key points through challenging critical thinking activities. The clear contextualisation of the required Standards and skills is of particular value to pre-service student teachers and those beginning their careers. The fictional approach provides a picture of working life and professional practice inside a further education institution with the flexibility to explore every topic essential to the student teacher, from professionalism, differentiation and inclusion to behaviour management and student-teacher relationships.



Chapter 1: Planning a lesson

Chapter 2: Assessing student needs and assessing student learning

Chapter 3: Selecting methods and strategies

Chapter 4: Motivating students and encouraging appropriate behaviour

Chapter 5: Inclusion, diversity and differentiation

Chapter 6: Working with adult learners

Chapter 7: Being a subject specialist

Chapter 8: Making the most of mentoring

Chapter 9: Good professional: good colleague

Chapter 10: Showing what you can do: observations and inspections





Susan Wallace is Emeritus Professor of Education at Nottingham Trent University where, for many years, part of her role was to support learning on the initial training courses for teachers in the FE sector.  She has researched and published extensively on education, training and management of behaviour, and is a popular keynote speaker at conferences. Her particular interests are in mentoring and the motivation and behaviour of students.

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Your Reviews on this book

I found the book really excellent, and the fact that it was written as an almost Novel added to the meaning; it also managed to do this as well as bringing in theory.I will commend it to my colleagues in FE as well as any FE students I encounter.

Karl Aubrey, Bishop Grosseteste University

I particularly liked the case studies which I found realistic and engaging. The critical thinking activities which followed each one were useful and thought provoking. It was also an enjoyable read unlike many education texts which are often as dry as dust.

Heidi McWade, The College of West Anglia

Great for those starting out in teaching - easy to read and scenarios provide examples trainees can relate to.   Concepts are presented  in an accessible way, with good links to relevant theory.   The size of the book is perfect - not a huge, big scary academic textbook that would frighten trainees, particularly those working In vocational areas.

Janey Burrow, Bromley College
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