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Teaching and Learning Early Years Mathematics

Tags: Early Years, Education, Primary

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Teaching and Learning Early Years Mathematics

Subject and Pedagogic Knowledge

AUTHOR : By Mary Briggs

ISBN : 9781909330375

Publication : Sep 2, 2013

Extent : 184 pgs

ISBN : 9781909330382

Publication : Sep 2, 2013

Extent : 184 pgs

ISBN : 9781909330399

Publication : Sep 2, 2013

Extent : 184 pgs

ISBN : 9781909330405

Publication : Sep 2, 2013

Extent : 184 pgs


This up to date book is essential reading for all those teaching or training to teach Early Years mathematics. It provides comprehensive subject and pedagogic knowledge for those responsible for the youngest children in school and their vital first experiences of learning mathematics. Appropriately focused text ensures the reader can understand and support how children learn to count and calculate, recognize shapes and begin to generalize their findings about problems. Critical questions enable trainees and teachers to both test and develop their own understanding of mathematics and suggested activities clearly exemplify how theory links to practice. The text also considers recent and relevant research, examines international perspectives and provides opportunities for reflection. 


  1. Introduction
  2. To infinity and beyond!
  3. Space the final frontier!
  4. Are we nearly there yet?
  5. What will happen if?
  6. Who has the most?
  7. How can I say that?
  8. How do I write that?
  9. What does this do?
  10. What happens next?





Mary Briggs is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Education, University of Warwick.  Mary has taught in range of special and mainstream schools. She is currently a teacher and researcher on education programmes from undergraduate to doctoral level at the University.  She has acted as a consultant for a number of organisations about the learning and teaching of mathematics. Mary has written extensively about mathematics education across the early years and primary age range and passionately believes that everyone can understand and enjoy mathematics and that it can be taught in interesting and creative ways.

Publication Overview

Your Reviews on this book

Accessible, good balance of theory/practice, good range of images/illustrations to bring the content to life, accessible chapter titles. In particular I have used the number chapter as a source with students.

Catherine Mary Foley, University of Reading

I like the way progression is clear with excellent examples of practice.

Jean Knapp, Kingston University

I like this book  because it enables the reader to access a whole range of ideas, both theoretical and practical and provides useful links to relevant literature [It would be well worth Early Years Practitioners buying for themselves so that they can refer to this when planning for and assessing their pupils] I particularly like the sections on problem solving, talk and recording - all of which are key areas both in the Early Years and beyond, particularly with the requirements of the new national curriculum for mathematics.

Pauline Palmer, Manchester Metropolitan University

This gives a different view of maths in that it approaches it from the subject knowledge aspect (rather than from the knowledge point of the children). This is an aspect which is often not seen by students as important for teaching young children - which, of course, it is. This book really makes that clear.

Eleanor Cockerton, University of East Anglia
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