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Relationship-based Social Work with Adults

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Relationship-based Social Work with Adults

AUTHOR : Edited by Heidi Dix, Sue Hollinrake and Jennifer Meade

ISBN : 9781912096275

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jul 4, 2019

Extent : 208 pgs

ISBN : 9781912096992

Publication : Jul 4, 2019

Extent : 208 pgs

ISBN : 9781912096268

Publication : Jul 4, 2019

Extent : 208 pgs

ISBN : 9781912096985

Publication : Jul 4, 2019

Extent : 208 pgs


There has been a resurgent interest in relationship-based practice and the Care Act 2014 recognises the significance of effective working relationships with service users and carers to ensure a person-centred approach and effective participation and co-production. The Care Act advocates a strengths-based, whole family approach to assessment, care and support planning. Relationship, putting the person at the centre of the process, lies at the heart of this approach.

This book is a practice-based exploration of relationship-based practice for social work with adults that looks at underpinning theory, legislation and policy drivers, value perspectives and skills in practice. The first part of the book introduces relationship-based practice and theoretical concepts, such as psycho-social and psycho-dynamically informed approaches to practice which highlight the complexities of relationships, at conscious and unconscious levels, both from the service user/carer perspective and the professional's perspective, where reflection and use of self are key; it critically explores the legislation and policy context. A conceptual model called IDEAS is introduced which provides a framework for the second part of the book, by breaking down the discussion into relevant practice issues. Here theory, skills and values are applied through case examples to illustrate the efficacy of relationship-based practice across a range of practice settings in social work with adult service users and carers. 


Part 1

Chapter 1 Theoretical perspectives for relationship-based practice    
Chapter 2 Legislative and policy context   
Chapter 3 The IDEAS model   

Part 2 
Chapter 1 Relationship-based Social Work with Older People 
Chapter 2 People with Learning Disabilities     
Chapter 3 Working with Carers   
Chapter 4 Keeping the relationship in mind: using the IDEAS model in mental health practice   
Chapter 5 Relationships and risk: Utilising the IDEAS model with adult offenders 
Chapter 6 Substance Use: A relational response 
Chapter 7 IDEAS, Domestic Abuse & Social Work
Chapter 8 Advocacy not Tolerance: Relational work with people who identify as LGBTQIA
Chapter 9 Conclusion


Heidi has been a qualified social worker since 1997. She first worked as a social worker in an adult team for people with learning disabilities, before moving to work in Children and Family Services. Since 2007 she has worked as a manager within Suffolk’s Youth Offending Service where she has facilitated the development of evidence-informed practice. Heidi is also a Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Suffolk. Her interests include single gender work, effective and participatory ways of engaging young people within the Youth Justice System, practice education, and exploring a relationship based approach within effective practice.

Sue worked as a social worker and manager for many years in local authority social work before moving into social work education. She became Programme Leader for the Social Work Degree Programme at UCS in 2010 and was then appointed Associate Professor in 2015. Her specialist interests in teaching and research are around informal carers, service user and carer involvement in research and in teaching, social work with older people, relationship-based practice, and how an ethic of care can inform service delivery and practice.

Jen is the Joint Head of Suffolk Youth Offending Service. Prior to this, she introduced the Drug Interventions Programme in Norfolk and worked as a senior probation officer in Nottinghamshire and probation officer in Derbyshire and as volunteer manager in a centre for people living with HIV and AIDS. She has a long-standing interest in the role of case management and the client-manager relationship in effective practice. She is also interested in how best to bridge the divide between policy, research and practice.

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