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Phonics: Getting it Right in a Week

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Tags: Education, Further Education, Primary, Secondary, Teacher Educators

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Phonics: Getting it Right in a Week

AUTHOR : By Angela Gill and David Waugh Series edited by Susan Wallace

ISBN : 9781911106340

Edition No : 1

Publication : Sep 27, 2017

Extent : 88 pgs

ISBN : 9781911106357

Edition No : 1

Publication : Sep 27, 2017

Extent : 88 pgs

ISBN : 9781911106586

Edition No : 1

Publication : Sep 27, 2017

Extent : 88 pgs


  • Is your knowledge and understanding of systematic synthetic phonics secure?
  • Do you understand the difference between graphemes and phonemes?
  • Is your phonics teaching both engaging and interactive?

Systematic synthetic phonics is central to the teaching of early reading and is a key element in Ofsted inspections. For your pupils, learning about phonics represents an integral part of their journey to becoming successful readers and writers. This book offers you tried and tested ideas for developing an understanding of phonics and the development of effective pedagogy. Designed to be read over a week, it is divided into seven concise chapters detailing clear strategies, examining the strategy in action and summarising the relevant underpinning theory.



Day 1: Grapheme-phoneme correspondence
Day 2: Blending and segmenting, decoding and encoding
Day 3: Digraphs: vowel digraphs, consonant digraphs, split digraphs, long vowel digraphs.
Day 4: Teaching “tricky” or common exception words
Day 5: Systematic teaching: planning lessons and series of lessons
Day 6: Phonics and spelling
Day 7: Phonics at KS2 

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David Waugh is a former deputy headteacher who has worked in Initial Teacher Training (ITT) from 1990 at the University of Hull, where he led the PGCE course and became Head of Department.  In 2008 he was appointed as a National Strategies Regional Adviser for ITT.  He is currently Director of the Primary PGCE at Durham University, where he is also subject leader for English. He has published extensively in primary English, as well as developing e-learning resources for National Strategies for English, mathematics and mentoring and coaching.

Angela Gill is a former class teacher who worked for more than 20 years in primary schools in County Durham and Bath and North East Somerset.  For many of those years she was subject leader for English and, in more recent years, for phonics.  In January 2016 she joined Durham University, where she works as part of the primary English team teaching undergraduate and PGCE courses.  Her recent publications include books and articles about teaching systematic synthetic phonics and common exception words.

Susan Wallace is Emeritus Professor of Education at Nottingham Trent University where, for many years, part of her role was to support learning on the initial training courses for teachers in the FE sector.  She has researched and published extensively on education, training and management of behaviour, and is a popular keynote speaker at conferences. Her particular interests are in mentoring and the motivation and behaviour of students.

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