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Nancy Appleyard

Nancy Appleyard

Nancy Appleyard began herworking life in the insurance industry, becoming a partner in a General Insurance brokerage. In the early 90’s she took a career change and taught Communication Studies at Lincoln College for 10 years. Since 2001 she has designed and delivered more wide-ranging and flexible communication and personal development programmes for Grantham College and the wider AE community (for example RAF bases and community houses). Currently she gives presentations to organisations throughout the East Midlands and, along with her husband Keith, is lucky enough to have one of the most enjoyable jobs on offer: giving lectures on communication and personal development to cruise ship audiences, a great opportunity to meet a host of interesting people and see new places.

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The Professional Teacher in Further Education

An accessible and up to date critical analysis of professionalism for student teachers and practitioners within the Further Education (FE) sector.

Reflective Teaching and Learning in Further Education

This book looks at critical reflection as a key skill for all trainees and teachers in further education (FE) and an important part of the new Professional Standards.

Lesson Planning: Getting it Right in a Week

Time-saving and effective lesson planning guide for all busy teachers.