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Language, Literacy and Communication in the Early Years:

Tags: Early Years, Education

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Language, Literacy and Communication in the Early Years:

A critical foundation

AUTHOR : By Carol Hayes

ISBN : 9781910391549

Publication : Jan 18, 2016

Extent : 232 pgs

ISBN : 9781910391556

Publication : Jan 18, 2016

Extent : 232 pgs

ISBN : 9781910391563

Publication : Jan 18, 2016

Extent : 232 pgs

ISBN : 9781910391570

Publication : Jan 18, 2016

Extent : 232 pgs


This book guides students and practitioners through the wealth of information on cognition and language development by breaking the area down into manageable chunks and drawing these together into a full understanding of the holistic nature of child development. Children with communication difficulties are at risk of poor outcomes educationally, socially and in employability. Whilst there may be a range of interventions which can help children, it is the practice of those working with them that is the key to success. Therefore a firm understanding of communication development and the ability to adapt teaching to support children’s individual needs are vital.


The text offers a balanced approach to the theories and research into the development and acquisition of language and literacy in the early years. It examines how practice can be improved and the impact that language and literacy development has on learning outcomes. It also, importantly, addresses the particular pedagogy related to bilingual and multilingual learners. Carefully structured activities are provided and the text clearly relates theory to practice. Pedagogical features encourage a questioning, challenging and reflective approach, promoting critical thinking throughout.



About the author

Chapter 1 –  Origins of Language

Chapter 2 –  Receptive Language and Listening

Chapter 3 –  The Oral Tradition

Chapter 4 –  Scribblers to Scribes

Chapter 5 –  The Foundations of Reading

Chapter 6 –  Specific Learning Difficulties

Chapter 7 –  Gender Influences

Chapter 8 –  Living with Language---The Literate Environment

Chapter 9 -   Books and Stories

Chapter 10 –The Holistic Child ----A Whole Brain Approach to Language Acquisition




Carol Hayes has worked in early years for the last 40 years as a teacher and tutor. She worked at Staffordshire University for six years as a principal lecturer and academic group leader, where she helped to develop a thriving early childhood studies department with programmes from foundation degrees to Masters in early childhood. Her specialist areas are cognitive development, language, literacy and communication and her main research interests are dyslexia and communication difficulties and the role of graduate teaching assistants in the workforce. 

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Your Reviews on this book

I haven’t found anything that I dislike about this book! It is clearly laid out and easy reading. There is a lot of useful theory analysis too!

Fiona Pavey, Yoevil College

I really liked this book and read it almost at one sitting...I particularly liked the layout of the book which was clear.  The text was informative and the added elements of critical questions, chapter reflections, developing critical thinking and case studies were particularly useful.

Sharon Drew, University of South Wales

This text is really very good in terms of  accessibility and set out  clearly and  makes it  easy to follow through the text and format of sections diagrams and pictures.

Dr Estelle Martin, University of East London
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