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Keverne Smith

Keverne Smith was Course Director for BA Humanities at the University Centre, College of West Anglia, King's Lynn, from 2003 to 2011; this course was franchised from Anglia Ruskin University. His book, Shakespeare and Son: A Journey in Writing and Grieving, which examines the evidence that Shakespeare's later plays are affected by the loss in 1596 of his only son, Hamnet, appeared in 2011. He has also published articles on a variety of topics, including education ("School to University: Sunlit Steps, or Stumbling in the Dark?" and "School to University: An Investigation into the Experience of First-year Students of English at British Universities"), religious history ("To Sing or to Say: Dirges, Cymbeline, and the Reformers"), and studies of loss ("Tangled Up in Grief: Bob Dylan's Songs of Separation"). His special interest is in interdisciplinary studies, especially involving Social History, Literature, Education and Psychology.