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Global Childhoods

Tags: Early Years, Education

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Global Childhoods

AUTHOR : By Monica Edwards Edited by Chelle Davison

ISBN : 9781909682696

Publication : Apr 15, 2015

Extent : 144 pgs

ISBN : 9781909682702

Publication : Apr 15, 2015

Extent : 144 pgs

ISBN : 9781909682719

Publication : Apr 15, 2015

Extent : 144 pgs

ISBN : 9781909682726

Publication : Apr 15, 2015

Extent : 144 pgs


This up to date text is suitable for students on all early years courses that include a module on global childhoods. Taking an ecological approach, it examines how culture and society shape childhoods through considering the lived experiences of children internationally. It begins by questioning the meaning of childhood and explores the historical, cultural and social views of childhood and children, including the roles of race, class and gender. It considers families and parenting from a global perspective and progresses to examine the relationship between the state and children by evaluating international approaches to education, health and welfare and the ways inequalities between the minority and majority world impact on children. The role of research on and with children in informing these debates is fully explored. Most importantly the reader is challenged to reflect on how global perspectives can be used to support an understanding of inclusion and diversity in their practice.


Chapter One – Introduction

Chapter Two – What is Childhood?

Chapter Three – Families and Parenting

Chapter Four – International Views on Education

Chapter Five – Children’s Rights and Children’s Needs

Chapter Six – Children’s Health and Welfare a Global View

Chapter Seven – Global Inequalities and Children

Chapter Eight - Global Research and Children




Monica Edwards is a lecturer on early years courses at Stockport College. She has worked with children, adults and families from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds in the fields of health and education for over 30 years. She currently teaches global perspectives on childhood to undergraduate students.


Chelle Davison is Head of Department, Undergraduate ITE, in the Faculty of Education, Arts & Business at the University of Cumbria. The Department has over 450 trainees studying early years, primary, secondary and SEN initial teacher education. It is working towards Early Years Teacher Status for the 2015 cohorts and Chelle will be offering her own expertise both to the new applicants for 2014 and those from 2015 onwards through master classes and public lectures. In addition Chelle has made significant contribution to a range of policy documents and government reviews, and is a devoted supporter of the professionalisation of the Early Years workforce.



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Your Reviews on this book

It provides some excellent insights into cross-cultural
perspectives of childhood.

Ewan Ingleby, Teeside University

This is a very useful book to prompt discussion and enhance knowledge on the perspectives of childhood globally.  I especially liked the extra section on critical thinking at the beginning.

Julie Rose, Stockton Riverside College

The information in the book was easy to access and relevant to today's societies and cultures.

Juliet Reid, Amersham & Wycombe College
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