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Evidence-based Teaching

A Critical Overview for Enquiring Teachers

AUTHOR : By Carey Philpott and Val Poultney

ISBN : 9781911106722

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jul 3, 2018

Extent : 136 pgs

ISBN : 9781911106739

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jul 3, 2018

Extent : 136 pgs

ISBN : 9781911106746

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jul 3, 2018

Extent : 136 pgs

ISBN : 9781911106753

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jul 3, 2018

Extent : 136 pgs


This book provides a critical overview of evidence-based teaching, with balanced and reflective consideration given to arguments supporting various approaches to increasing the use of evidence in teaching and arguments that raise doubts about, or problems with, these approaches.  It offers practical advice on how to implement evidence-based teaching and help with reflectively evaluating its success.


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Mapping the Area

Chapter 3 Systematic Literature Reviews

Chapter 4 Randomised Controlled Trials

Chapter 5 Knowledge Mobilisation

Chapter 6 Translational Research

Chapter 7 Professional Learning Communities and Rounds

Chapter 8 Clinical Practice Models

Chapter 9 Planning for Implementation

Chapter 10 Conclusion


Val Poultney is a senior lecturer at the University of Derby. She teaches on initial teacher education and postgraduate programmes. Her research interests include school leadership and school governance with a particular focus on how to develop leadership to support teachers as researchers. 

Carey Philpott was Professor of Teacher Education at Leeds Beckett University.  Before this he worked at Oxford Brookes University, the University of Cumbria and the University of Strathclyde.  Prior to working in teacher education, Carey was an English and Drama Teacher in secondary schools in Glasgow and London and a mentor for student teachers on PGCE courses.  His research interests included teachers’ collaborative professional development, teachers as researchers, evidence-based teaching and the relationship between teachers’ learning and learning in the health professions. Carey died suddenly at the beginning of 2017, but was able to shape this series and managed to complete a good amount of the writing of this book.

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