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Enriching Primary English

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Enriching Primary English

AUTHOR : By Jonathan Glazzard and Jean Palmer

ISBN : 9781909682498

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jan 14, 2015

Extent : 192 pgs

ISBN : 9781909682504

Publication : Jan 14, 2015

Extent : 192 pgs

ISBN : 9781909682511

Publication : Jan 14, 2015

Extent : 192 pgs

ISBN : 9781909682528

Publication : Jan 14, 2015

Extent : 192 pgs


This essential text provides ideas for trainees and teachers to extend both their own teaching and their pupils’ learning in primary English through creative approaches and enrichment strategies to promote best practice and outstanding teaching. The book is accessible to all levels of experience and combines theory with practice throughout, delivering the required subject knowledge while encouraging innovative approaches that demand critical reflection. It looks closely at how young children learn to read and write and how practitioners can enable this development through creative ideas.


The book begins with an exploration of the development of speaking and listening skills which form the foundation of successful literacy. Chapters then cover all the key elements of the new curriculum including word reading, reading comprehension, transcription and composition, plus additional material on drama and reading for pleasure. Throughout the book there is a clear progression from KS1 to KS2 and a focus on creativity as a vital ingredient in successful English teaching.



Chapter 1: Speaking and listening (Key Stage 1)

Chapter 2: Speaking and listening (Key Stage 2)

Chapter 3: Word Reading (Key Stage 1)

Chapter 4: Word Reading (Key Stage 2)

Chapter 5: Reading comprehension (Key Stage 1)

Chapter 6: Reading comprehension (Key Stage 2)

Chapter 7: Writing: Transcription (Key Stage 1)

Chapter 8: Writing: Transcription (Key Stage 2)

Chapter 9: Writing: Composition (Key Stage 1)

Chapter 10: Writing: Composition (Key Stage 2)

Chapter 11: Drama – a ‘tool kit’ for practitioners

Chapter 12 Reading for Pleasure – engaging parents




Jonathan Glazzard is responsible for teacher training for early years and primary courses at the University of Huddersfield. Prior to this he worked as a primary school teacher, predominantly teaching in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. He is passionate about promoting creative approaches to teaching which inspire both teacher and children.

Jean Palmer joined the University of Huddersfield in January 2013 and is a Senior Lecturer on the BA Early Primary Course and the PGCE Primary Course where she is Partnership and Placements Co-ordinator and is a tutor for English, history, geography and PSED. Over the past 16 years Jean has worked in primary schools as a teacher, subject leader, Advanced Skills Teacher (English), governor and LA officer. She has taught across the Primary phases and acted as senior mentor for GTP students.  Jean has also spent 15 years working as a professional director/writer for Theatre-in Education in mainstream and special schools. As the lead consultant in Kirklees for the Every Child a Reader programme she focused on narrowing the gap for children with literacy difficulties and is an accredited trainer for the Reading Recovery programme.

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Your Reviews on this book

This is a timely, interesting and professionally useful book which is easy to understand and full of engaging ideas for the Primary Classroom.

Virginia Kay, Edge Hill University

I was very impressed with this text. I think it is very current and has many valuable pedagogical points and activities that students can relate to.

Anne Bradley, University of St. Mark and St John

This is an excellent book for undergraduate trainee teachers to develop their understanding of syntax , punctuation and comprehension.

Jessica Clapham, Bangor University
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