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Embedding English and Maths

Embedding English and Maths

Practical Strategies for FE and Post-16 Tutors

AUTHOR : By Terry Sharrock

ISBN : 9781910391709

Publication : Jan 15, 2016

Extent : 104 pgs

ISBN : 9781910391716

Publication : Jan 15, 2016

Extent : 104 pgs

ISBN : 9781910391723

Publication : Jan 15, 2016

Extent : 104 pgs

ISBN : 9781910391730

Publication : Jan 15, 2016

Extent : 104 pgs


FE and other post-16 tutors are increasingly being asked to embed and develop English and maths skills in their lessons, and the revised common inspection framework from Ofsted places an increased emphasis on this. You may lack confidence or the required background knowledge to do this, or be struggling to find ideas that will engage and motivate your learners. Specifically written for use within vocational contexts, this text provides you with a theoretical understanding of the issues involved, including barriers to learning and how to overcome these. In addition it offers a range of practical strategies and ideas to get you started and build confidence and competence in your students. Each activity is accompanied by detailed notes that highlight key learning points, the development of vocational skills and extension opportunities.




Chapter 1 What does Embedding English and maths skills really mean?

Chapter 2 What are the barriers to learning and how can they be overcome?

Chapter 3 How we learn and remember: practical strategies to engage and motivate learners 

Chapter 4 In practice: examples of how English and maths skills are successfully embedded and developed in lessons 


Practical Activities - 25 practical activities with notes to develop English and maths skills

Appendix:  Photocopiable esources to support activities 




A qualified teacher and Ofsted inspector, Terry has worked in education for 30 years, both in this country and the USA.  He has taught literacy and numeracy in schools, colleges and adult and community learning for over 25 years. Terry was a coach and cohort leader on the National Teaching and Learning Change programme, designed to improve the teaching of literacy and numeracy in a number of contexts. He runs his own successful educational consultancy and regularly carries out observations of teaching and learning for a range of providers as well as staff training on embedding maths and English.

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