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Digital Connection in Health and Social Work

Tags: Nursing, Social Work

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Digital Connection in Health and Social Work

Perspectives from Covid-19

AUTHOR : Edited by Denise Turner and Michael Fanner

ISBN : 9781914171925

Edition No : 1

Publication : Mar 14, 2022

Extent : 170 pgs

ISBN : 9781914171932

Edition No : 1

Publication : Mar 14, 2022

Extent : 170 pgs

ISBN : 9781914171949

Edition No : 1

Publication : Mar 14, 2022

Extent : 170 pgs


This book focusses on the move to digitally mediated forms of teaching, learning and practice during Covid-19 and offers a series of case studies which showcase positive practices during this time. 


Education, Health and Social Work services have all been at the forefront of national debate since the first UK lockdown in March 2020. Schools, Colleges and Higher Education institutions moved rapidly to online delivery, with educators, parents, practice learning partners and students alike compelled to adapt to online connection, disrupting previous norms and forcing a rapid acquisition of new skills.


In health and social care practice, there has been a similar move to online delivery, whilst maintaining consistency of service and support. The pandemic also coincided with the recommendations of the national Digital Capabilities for Social Work project, commissioned by Health Education England, which produced a prescient framework for professional practice.

This book showcases innovative ways in which practice and education have responded to the challenges of Covid 19. With ongoing debate about planning for the next pandemic, as well as adapting to the post Covid landscape, the book is a valuable resource for all those involved in health and social work education and practice.




Foreword: Mark Nicholas, Chief Social Worker for NHS Digital

About this book: Dr Denise Turner and Dr Michael Fanner  

Section 1: Perspectives from Higher Education        

Chapter 1: “The trouble with normal …” Covid-19’s legacy and the multipotentiality for co-creating teaching, learning and assessing: Professor David Evans, OBE

Chapter 2: Reflecting on Population Health Learning in Pre-Registration Paramedic Education during a Global Pandemic: Dr Michael Fanner

Chapter 3: How Covid-19 has impacted upon the practice learning experience of pre-registration nursing students: Barbara Hoyle       

Chapter 4: COVID-19 and The Virtual Generation: Sarah Anderson, Cheryl Bardell, Abigail Doe, Emma Grady, Chloe Harrison, David Healey, Toritseju K. Imewe, Peter McNally, Lydia Nambe and Karen Skinner (BASW Students)        

Chapter 5: ‘I am not a cat’: Digital Capabilities and Covid-19: Dr Denise Turner

Section 2: Perspectives from Practice            

Chapter 6: Educating the future health workforce for the delivery of 21st Century Care: Henrietta Mbeah Bankas

Chapter 7: Putting Down the Laptop and Rolling Up the Sleeves – Mobilising a workforce of medical students to the Covid-19 frontline and its impact on their education: George Keal

Chapter 8: Digitalising the Volunteer Workforce Development to Support the NHS Delivery during Covid-19: Craig Harman    

Chapter 9: Practice Teaching Experiences of Preparing Redeployed Workforces for Critical Care during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Tim Kuhn

Section 3: Perspectives on Environments, Creativity and Wellbeing             

Chapter 10: Supporting care homes to be digitally connected: Hilary Woodhead and Natalie Ravenscroft

Chapter 11: Creative Social Work in a Virtual World Connection and Creativity: A case study on a Work Based Learning Module: Michaela Dunn, Rachel Hughes, and Andrew Linton

Chapter 12: Mindfulness, social work leadership and Covid-19: Annie Ho

Chapter 13: Can we keep the environment in mind while we adjust to renewed freedoms?: Dr Sandra Engstrom

Concluding Thoughts: Dr Denise Turner and Dr Michael Fanner


Dr Denise Turner is an experienced, registered Social Worker and currently works as a Senior Lecturer in Social Work.

Her research interests encompass digital practices and death, loss and bereavement. She was Chair of the Advisory Group for the national Digital Capabilities project for Social Work, delivered by SCIE and BASW and is interested in the positive challenges of digital media. She has authored a book on parents’ experiences of the professional response to sudden, unexpected child death and is currently involved with research focused on bereavement and grief resulting from Covid19.

Dr Michael Fanner graduated at as an Adult Nurse (2012) and a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse / Health Visitor (2013) at King’s College London and was awarded a PhD in critical social policy at the University of Greenwich in 2020. Up until 2018, Michael worked in a variety of clinical, academic and voluntary organisations in child protection, health visiting and emergency care. In 2018, Michael became a Lecturer at the University of West London and was a main architect of the UK’s first MSc Paramedic Science (Pre-Registration) and subsequent module leader and teacher for the population health and behavioural science, evidence translation, dissertation and complex paramedic care delivery modules. Since 2021, Michael has been a Senior Lecturer in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing at the University of Hertfordshire and leads on the safeguarding, research methods, public health and social policy modules and is also a second supervisor on two doctoral research projects. Michael has research interests in how ethically complex social issues are ‘dealt with’ in clinical practice. Michael is an Associate Editor for Child Abuse Review and is also a Board Member at Bournemouth and Poole College. In his spare time, Michael volunteers for St John Ambulance.

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Your Reviews on this book

"In the context of the move towards Integrated Care Systems, this book reinforces how digital collaboration and connection can create value across the social care and health sectors. It provides both a fascinating insight into how clinicians and professionals have used digital to tackle pandemic challenges, and an inspiration to those who want to build on this learning. I recommend it to all health and social care leaders, especially those with a role in Integrated Care Systems or an interest in digital technology."

Mark Nicholas, MBA, MSW, CQSW Chief Social Worker and Social Care Lead, NHS Digital

“…This edited text…captures a significant moment in time for the health and social care sector…It illuminates the importance of what a number of us in Social Work have been lamenting for a significant period, that the design, content and delivery of professional programmes should reflect the world in which students will go on to practice within…Like with Turner’s previous text, this book serves as a prompt for practice development, both in the educational and field context. I urge those invested in the development of health and social care to listen carefully to the diverse range of voices in this text, and perhaps like me you will begin to adjust your own practices as a result of this experiential read.” 

Dr Amanda Taylor-Beswick Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work, Queens University Belfast

"Although the COVID-19 pandemic was initially a medical and health emergency its effects have been felt through all aspects of society. Denise Turner and Michael Fanner as editors of Digital Connection in Health and Social Work – Perspectives from COVID 19 have reflected this community wide experience by collating essays from a wide range of authors. Although the collection is primarily academic in nature by bringing together this mix of different skills, professional disciplines and backgrounds, the editors have created a work that will be of interest to a much wider readership that just the academic world."

Stephen Frost CStJ Vice Chancellor of The Priory of England & the Islands of The Order of St John
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