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Behaviour Management: Getting it Right in a Week

Behaviour Management: Getting it Right in a Week

AUTHOR : By Susan Wallace

ISBN : 9781911106265

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jan 24, 2017

Extent : 112 pgs

ISBN : 9781911106272

Edition No : 1

Publication : Jan 24, 2017

Extent : 112 pgs


  • Is the behaviour of some of your learners a concern for you?
  • Do you want to address low-level disruption in your classroom?
  • Have you developed medium- to long-term strategies to motivate your learners?

This book is a response to the number one concern of teachers - behaviour management. It offers you a straightforward toolkit of strategies and approaches with examples of how they might be applied in practice. It is short and to the point. It doesn't make you wade through a lot of theory but points you to where you can find out more about the thinking behind the strategies.  Designed to be read over a week, the book is divided into seven concise chapters to help you build positive relationships and a productive classroom environment.



  1. Day 1: Firefighting – strategies for emergency use – dealing with cheek
  2. Day 2: Troubleshooting – working out what’s going wrong and why
  3. Day 3: Avoiding the escalators: Dealing with non-compliance and confrontation
  4. Day 4: They won’t listen? Dealing with noise
  5. Day 5: They can’t be bothered? Tackling boredom and disengagement
  6. Day 6: Who’s the boss? Disarming ringleaders and attention seekers
  7. Day 7: You can do this! Managing your own fears and anxieties 


Susan Wallace is Emeritus Professor of Education at Nottingham Trent University where, for many years, part of her role was to support learning on the initial training courses for teachers in the FE sector.  She has researched and published extensively on education, training and management of behaviour, and is a popular keynote speaker at conferences. Her particular interests are in mentoring and the motivation and behaviour of students.

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they are fab little books....They are well laid out, straight forward to read with good diagrams and case studies. 

Jo Lutcas, isle of Wight College

I thought that they were useful to students had they had some useful ideas within them to support their practice. The behaviour booklet will be especially useful to students in helping them with their practice.

Adele Sewell, Bishop Burton College
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