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Anti-racism in Social Work practice

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Anti-racism in Social Work practice

AUTHOR : Edited by Angie Bartoli Contributions by Prospera Tedam, Bernadette Curran, Sukhwinder Singh, Sue Kennedy, Charity Chukwuemeka and Paul Crofts

ISBN : 9781909330139

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 9, 2013

Extent : 192 pgs

ISBN : 9781909330146

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 15, 2013

Extent : 192 pgs

ISBN : 9781909330153

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 15, 2013

Extent : 192 pgs

ISBN : 9781909330160

Publication : Apr 15, 2013

Extent : 192 pgs


Anti-racism has a long history within the profession of social work and its education. Despite an agenda within higher education which promotes internationalization and practice which recognizes diversity, little has been written to address the question of why black African students have a different experience from others on their social work educational journey.


This book is based upon the authors’ experience as educators and their own research about and with black students’ experience of racism and ‘otherness’ within social work practice and education. Radical and honest in nature, it re-visits anti-racism within social work practice and education from a student focused and informed perspective based on lived experience and conversations.


This book will be of interest to all social work students, educators and policy makers with an interest in anti-racism and diversity. It includes practical models and tried and tested tools to help the reader work through these issues. 

"Tools that can assist students in discussing uncomfortable issues in the classroom are to be welcomed, and this book is thus a valuable resource. This book offers many examples of how racism can be addressed in social work education and training. Important features of the book are the summaries of key pieces of research in each chapter, as well as, case studies and critical questions, which provide a springboard for discussion. It offers a timely reminder that discussion about race and anti-racist forms of pedagogical approaches for teaching has fallen off the agenda. It is written in an accessible style, is an engaging read, and this is a welcome addition to the literature."
Dr Claudia Bernard, Goldsmiths College



Chapter One: Citizenship & Backlash Blues 

Chapter Two: Anti-racist social work education 

Chapter Three: Developing Cultural Competence

Chapter Four: Padare: A meeting around a tree: 

Chapter Five: White Woman Listening 

Chapter Six: Critical race theory and exploring ‘whiteness’

Chapter Seven: Views from the workplace: Practitioners speak out

Chapter Eight: Summary



Paul Crofts is an independent Equality and Diversity consultant and trainer. He has been providing training and consultancy for almost 30 years in race, community and race relations, discrimination law and practice and hate crime to a range of public sector, community and private sector organisations. Paul is the Vice-Chair of Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council. 

Sue Kennedy as the Principal Lecturer is the Head of the Social Work Field and Teaching Fellow at the University of Northampton. Having worked in the statutory childcare sector for 25 years as both a practitioner and manager she has acted as an advisor to government departments and leading child care voluntary organisation. As a feminist, Sue’s research interests include perceptions of risk within child protection, issues relating to gender, culture and race. 

Angie Bartoli is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Teaching Fellow at the University of Northampton where she has worked since 2006 and leads on a Masters programme. Her research interests include issues relating to race and gender, social work supervision, mentorship, child protection and inter-agency working. She is also a Deputy Editor for the internationally peer reviewed journal Practice Teaching and Learning and a member of the National Steering Group of PIAT (Promoting Inter-Agency Training in Safeguarding). 

Sukhwinder Singh is a Senior Lecturer and leads on the Social and Community Development undergraduate programme at the University of Northampton. His current doctoral studies include teaching and learning race issues. He has previously worked for the Home Office and provided training and consultancy on hate crime and social cohesion to a variety of agencies.  He is also committed to enabling students to develop skills in evidence-informed practice.

Bernadette Curran is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Northampton since 2010. With extensive experience within the statutory sector as a social worker, Child Protection Conference Chair and Independent Reviewing Officer, her research interests include asylum and immigration, child care practice and service user participation.

Charity Chukwuemeka qualified as a social work from the University of Northampton in 2010. She is currently a social worker within the statutory sector working with children with disabilities. She is also a founder member of Padare, the Black African Social Work student support group at the University of Northampton. 

Prospera Tedam is a Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader for the undergraduate Social Work course and Teaching Fellow at the University of Northampton where she has worked since 2006. Her research interests include human rights with a particular focus on children, cultural competency, legal frameworks. She is also the Chair of the voluntary organisation Afruca (Africans Unite Against Child Abuse). Prospera is also a member of the Independent Families Returns Panel for the UK Border Agency. 


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