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Agile Resilience

Agile Resilience

The psychology of developing resilience in the workplace

AUTHOR : By Tom Dillon Edited by Bob Thomson

ISBN : 9781914171659

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 14, 2022

Extent : 320 pgs

ISBN : 9781914171666

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 14, 2022

Extent : 320 pgs

ISBN : 9781914171673

Edition No : 1

Publication : Apr 14, 2022

Extent : 320 pgs


Everything you need for strengthening and flexing your resilience muscle!

Resilience can mean something different to everyone, yet it is increasingly necessary to survive in the modern workspace, whether that is at home, in an office or other place of work. Hard times for organisations generally mean harder times for employees, often with increased workloads and reduced resources. Being able to navigate this environment and remain resilient is preferable, but when stress and anxiety take over you need to know how to boost your resilience and look after your own well-being. An essential read for anyone working today, this book focuses on the concept of agile resilience, exploring how resilience can be learned, chosen, developed and adapted to help you cope with the range of circumstances and experiences you may face. It explains what resilience is, including your own personal take on that, what might deplete it, the impact of Covid-19, and how you can maintain or replenish it when necessary in order to thrive in your work and life.



Chapter 1: What is resilience?

Chapter 2: Where does our resilience come from?

Chapter 3: What are the building blocks of resilience?

Chapter 4: What does your resilience look like?

Chapter 5: How is your lifestyle supporting your resilience?

Chapter 6: How is your workplace supporting your resilience?

Chapter 7: How are your thoughts supporting your resilience?

Chapter 8: How are your emotions supporting your resilience?

Chapter 9: How is your purpose supporting your resilience?

Chapter 10: How are your values supporting your resilience?

Chapter 11: How is your sense of self-efficacy supporting your resilience?

Chapter 12: How can overcoming adversity support your resilience?

Chapter 13: How can you help to create a resilient workplace?

Chapter 14: How can you remain resilient in the digital age?

Chapter 15: What has Covid-19 taught us about resilience?

Chapter 16: What’s in your resilience tool-kit?

Chapter 17: Creating a resilient future at work


Tom Dillon holds a Coaching MA and is a transformational coach, trainer and speaker with a special interest in resilience. Having spent a decade engaged in resilience coaching with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and professions, he has a strong belief in the human capacity to demonstrate resilience. His extensive research into the subject over several years has cemented that belief. In 2015 he wrote a resilience blog post every day for a year, testing his own resilience but affording the opportunity to deep dive into personal resilience and all that it means for people. 

Bob Thomson is a Professor at Warwick Business School, an experienced and accredited coach and supervisor of coaching, and a workplace mediator. He collaborated with the University of Warwick Wellbeing Services team to deliver a series of webinars to help line managers support their staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.  He has worked as a volunteer counsellor and as a Samaritan. He is the author of a number of books on coaching and learning from experience.

He was previously Leadership Development Manager at National Grid Transco. Before moving into coaching and management development he worked as an economist for eleven years with British Steel and ICI. Bob has degrees in Maths, in Economics and in Management Learning. He also has Certificates in Counselling, Coaching, Supervision, and Mediation.

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