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Effective Personal Tutoring in Higher Education

Effective Personal Tutoring in Higher Education

AUTHOR : By Dave Lochtie, Emily McIntosh, Andrew Stork and Ben W Walker

ISBN : 9781910391983

Edition No : 1

Publication : 8 Oct 2018

Extent : 240 pgs

ISBN : 9781910391990

Edition No : 1

Publication : 8 Oct 2018

Extent : 240 pgs

ISBN : 9781911106005

Edition No : 1

Publication : 8 Oct 2018

Extent : 240 pgs

ISBN : 9781911106012

Edition No : 1

Publication : 8 Oct 2018

Extent : 240 pgs


This is an important new text for all academic and professional staff within higher education (HE) who have a personal tutoring, student support or advising role.

It examines key topics in relation to tutoring including definitions, coaching, core values and skills, boundaries, monitoring students, undertaking group and individual tutorials and the need to measure impact. Throughout, the text encourages reflection and the need to think critically about the role of the personal tutor.

A scholarly and practical text, it comprehensively brings together relevant academic literature to inform tutoring practice as well as contextualising the role within the HE policy and quality assurance landscape.




Foreword by Professor Liz Thomas


Chapter 1: What is a personal tutor?

Chapter 2: Core values and skills of the personal tutor

Chapter 3: Setting boundaries

Chapter 4: Key activities: identifying and supporting student populations

Chapter 5: Key activities: effectively supporting all stages of the student lifecycle

Chapter 6: Using solution-focused coaching with students

Chapter 7: Reflective practice and professional development

Chapter 8: Measuring impact

Chapter 9: What next?




Andrew Stork is a lecturer in marketing, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and co-author of the highly regarded book Becoming an Outstanding Personal Tutor: Supporting Learners through Personal Tutoring and Coaching. As well as presenting at national and international conferences he has published research in personal tutoring and coaching. He has held the roles of cross-institutional quality lead for personal tutoring and student experience, course leader of the postgraduate certificate in education course, and a variety of curriculum leadership, quality and staff development positions. He is a chartered marketer and, prior to working in education, worked in marketing management and consultancy roles.

Ben Walker is a senior lecturer and doctoral researcher in academic development at the University of Lincoln and co-authored the highly regarded Becoming an Outstanding Personal Tutor: Supporting Learners through Personal Tutoring and Coaching (2015).  He has designed and delivered staff development on personal tutoring, is a member of the UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT) Professional Development committee and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  Previously he held the roles of manager of personal tutoring, head of department for English, course leader of the Postgraduate Certificate in Education course and English teacher. 

Dave Lochtie is Chair of the Professional Development Committee and Executive Committee member for UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT) which represents and supports personal tutors and academic advisors across the UK. He is also the Student Opportunities Manager at the Union of Students, University of Derby having previously worked at the Universities of New Orleans, Roehampton and Bournemouth in the management of Personal Tutoring, Success Coaching, Administration and Admissions.  Prior to this he worked as a qualified primary school teacher. He also served as an elected Director, Trustee and Governor of the University of Roehampton and Bournemouth University Students Union.

Emily McIntosh is Director of Student Life at the University of Bolton where she is have responsible for welcome and induction, personal tutoring, student learning development and peer learning as well as contributing to a variety of cross-institutional strategic initiatives.  Her research interests extend to student peer learning, transitions, personal tutoring and student resilience.  She is an Executive Committee member of UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT) and a member of the UKAT Research Committee.  She is also the network coordinator for the European First Year Experience Network (EFYE).  She previously held positions at the University of Manchester, the University of Liverpool and Keele University working in a variety of roles in teaching & learning, student support and the broader student experience.

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Overall this is an excellent text, particularly relevant in these metrics-orientated times (particularly in relation to the TEF in the UK), where any systematic guidance on how we can undertake core roles is enormously helpful. With this handbook as a guide, personal tutors and those who guide them have an invaluable resource on which to draw, equipping them far better than those of yesteryear.

Sally Brown, Emerata Professor


This book is an important addition to the field of personal tutoring and academic advising.  The structure of the chapters in this text makes it the perfect training tool for new advisors and a great reference for experienced advisors.  The case studies, critical thinking activities, and discussions make the content come alive.  Every personal tutor, advisor and support services or advising administrator needs this book in their toolkit.


Amy Sannes, President, NACADA


This book will be an important resource for all those who advise students, whether they are new to the role or more experienced.   The approach is inclusive;  the authors are careful to stress that the traditional separation between academic personal tutors and professional advisers is changing, and the publication will be of use to all those engaged in supporting students’ learning.   The book is innovative;  although firmly based on relevant research and with wide reference to literature on the subject, the approach is essentially practical.   


Penny Robinson, President of UKAT

The book is an excellent presentation of personal tutoring in HE. It has various aspects of personal tutoring both from pronal and organization view. It can be used as a handbook and for tutor training. New tutors gets basic information and theoretical base and tools for training sssions and individual learning. An experienced tutor, a senior tutor or an academic adviser can develop themselves and tutoring in their organization using critical thinking examples, self-assessments and reflect their tutoring routines. The book raises thoughts and desire to develop yourself personally and the organization. The book is thus a valuable tool for deans, rectors and other executive personal within HE.

Jarmo Virta, Turku University of Applied Sciences
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